Power Employee Onboarding Using a Learning Experience Platform

Bringing the onboarding process into the 21st century


Developing a powerful onboarding experience is a challenge for many of today’s organizations. Yet, it’s estimated that a good onboarding programme will lead to roughly 70% of employees staying with an organization for at least three years. But just what exactly makes an onboarding experience a success?

This free eBook from Learning Pool demonstrates the characteristics of a successful employee onboarding programme and provides a much-needed in-depth look at how the new generation of learning platforms can help with the process. 

You’ll learn:


  1. Why onboarding often fails
  2. How personalization and self-onboarding can make a difference
  3. How an LXP can motivate and engage new hires

Want to learn more about the LXP? Watch our short video about Stream LXP and its functionality here.

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