Prepare like a designer

Part 1 of the Better design for better learning webinar series

At the end of this hour-long session you’ll have:

insight into a designer’s workflow – from a brief, through gathering ideas, to producing finished images;

the best sources for photographs, graphics and other assets – all free for commercial and personal use – to improve the look of your e-learning content;

demonstrations of free online tools to process and prepare these images;

how to use these tools to compose graphical assets – with the goal of exporting at specific sizes, ready for use in responsive e-learning modules;

inspiration and ideas for anyone in an environment where budgets are tight, time is limited and creativity feels like a foreign language;

the opportunity to submit your own design challenges to our graphic designers to get insight into how they’d present your content.

Better design for better learning is a three-part webinar series featuring Learning Pool’s graphic design team, who provide the inspiration, design skills and creativity seen across Learning Pool’s e-learning catalogues, custom e-learning content and LMS themes.

In this series of webinars, you’ll get an opportunity to see how they work, ask questions about their process and get a chance to have their skills and experience applied to your e-learning challenges.

Whatever your level of experience or confidence, each webinar will give you tools, tips and techniques to take back to your workplace and incorporate into your workflow

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The presenters

Prepare like a designer line up

Lisa McFarland
Graphic Designer
Lisa has been working in the creative industry since 2012 and joined the Learning Pool team as a Graphic Designer in 2017.
Marty Doherty
Senior Graphic Designer
Marty has over 12 years of experience in Graphic Design and Digital Communications. He joined the team in July 2015 and since then he...