Research Snapshot: Evolving Positions in Executive Leadership Development

This research snapshot carried out by Chief Learning Officer explores the practices of organizations with evolving positions in executive Leadership Development

Organizations are recognizing that changes initially thought to be temporary are becoming part of the new normal. The skills for finding, attracting, managing and retaining a talented workforce that connects via Zoom can’t be pulled from skill sets acquired through school or experience.

A recently issued 2021 Learning State of the Industry survey found a shifting, though not yet solidified, position among the learning & development community toward an extended, if not a permanent change in how organizations will operate post-pandemic. With a growing lack of connection by location, executives are needing to lead remotely and L&D is exploring the means and requirements for shepherding that transition.


In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Finding the metrics to benchmark leadership development
  • What will be required to educate executives operating in the “new normal”
  • A rising emphasis on executives’ forward-looking skills

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Research snapshot: Evolving Positions in Executive Leadership Development

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