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Adaptive Content


Support Alt Text for Images

Expanded support for an existing alt text configuration to all single assets and added a configuration for layered assets.

Page Transition Animations

Choose from a library of over 20 different transitions – can be set on the global or page level for the course.

Multi-Select Option for Question Data Slide

Allow users to configure the slide so that it allows learners to select multiple answer choices.

OTS Express Setup

Support for courses that require content determination, mandatory contact slide info, or when creating modular courses

Single Asset Downloads

When editing/authoring courses, users can now download assets one at time without having to download the entire asset pack.


Save and track versions while authoring/editing courses.

Angular 14 Upgrade

Updates to our Angular Library to stay up-to-date with the latest technology for authoring/editing.

Asset Manager

When authoring/editing courses, there’s a new Asset page in Course Settings that allow users to upload PDFs for translations/links (previously done in the Translations tab) and font files (.ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2).

Discontinue IE11 support

Courses will no longer work in IE11 to align with industry changes.

Coming soon

New Flex Slide Editor

Massive updates, including: UI/UX enhancements, new user guidance modal, drag and drop blocks, enhanced CSS configuration, improvements for video blocks and image blocks, preview panel additions, and much more!

New Flex Slide Templates: Core Collection

12 pre-designed page layout templates make it easy for users to put a course together quickly and allows for easy customization.

Debug support for Learning Path Testing

Added an option to test leaner paths when viewing the course in Debug Mode to ensure the course is configured properly.

Display who is viewing course

When authoring/editing, on the course list screen and inside the course, it will display who is viewing.

Course Error Log Review

When authoring/editing courses, provide visibility to course errors/issues to Editors so they can be addressed quickly. Also add an error log to alert users of any missing/required fields that must be resolved before a course is published.

Hub integration

Bring Unified Access to authoring/editing via Hub integration, sharing the same user authentication system to allow for ‘App Switcher’ support.


Further enhancements to Flex Slide

Includes features such as support for audio files, animation layer support,. video layer option support, button component, and more.

Navigation Bar

New nav bar, automatically applied to courses, featuring: course title, a progress bar, audio controls and address inconsistencies with continue / go back button location.

Configure Course System Audio

A configuration that will allow users to disable the default course system sound effects so that users can control whether those sounds play in the course build.

Error Handling

Enhancements to how errors are captured while authoring/editing courses.

Submit Support Cases

Allow users to submit issues/errors to our support teams while authoring/editing courses.

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