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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Taking inspiration from our Uncomfortable truth series, Diversity, Inclusion and belonging will more a core module in our Equality, Diversity and inclusion offer.
Safeguarding for All - Adult Edition
This module briefly outlines how you can play an important part in helping to prevent the abuse and neglect of adults with care and support needs.
Menopause - Starting the Conversation
Menopause is a transition that every woman will experience, and it comes with significant challenges and symptoms that can affect every aspect of life. Yet it’s rarely discussed and can feel a bit taboo. We want to start a conversation that everyone can get involved in to support women through this impactful life stage.
Net Zero Collection
Our aim is to deliver eLearning that can empower your learners to make better, more informed choices that benefit the earth and future generations.
Self Care Collection Refresh
We're refreshing this entire collection to build important knowledge on taking care of yourself and resilience when needed.
Allyship in Practice (part of DE&I Collection)
This module takes an honest look at the issues, and definitely does not cover every situation you could be faced with, but we hope that it helps you to feel empowered to step up and be an ally for those around you who need it.
Social Prescribing (Social Care):
Social Prescribing can be different paths for different people. We're working with experts in Social Prescribing to create learning on Social Prescribing with the aim to help normalise & remove the stigma of asking for help.
Neurodiversity Inclusion
As part of our EDI Collection, we're looking at Celebrating Neurodiversity! Our new module looks at the neurodiverse conditions and how they are a positive in life and the workplace.

Coming soon

Barista Coffee Series
This series will be part of the Hospitality Library & come with a series of recipes that you can use over and over while perfecting your craft!
Leadership Management Refreshes
We're updating all of our leadership collections to reflect where Leadership trends, team needs and training requirements are going.
Customer Service Refreshes
Our customer service collection is getting a major overhaul with updated Lessons and extra resources that will support customer service teams (and anyone that has customer interaction).
Children’s Social Care Collection Review
A review and update of all of the Children's Social Care Content throughout FY22