Stream Data Cloud Roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Usage info in LL for new pricing model tiers
A new indicator for clients so that they can monitor their usage vs their size.
Statement forward notifications
Org admins will be notified if a statement forwarding service is deactivated due to the endpoint throwing errors or being unreachable.
Imported Persona CSV download
Allow download of previously imported Persona data via CSV

Coming soon

Old statement purging configurations
Option to purge xAPI statements older than 3 years to reduce storage and reduce GDPR concerns for clients.
OneLogin Authorization
This is part of a wider strategy to make the login process for Learning Locker more efficient and robust.
Improved encryption for data in transit
Utilising Redis encryption for an improved level of security when data is in transit.
Statement forward UI notifications:
Statement forward UI will contain an notification of when it has been deactivated, and also reactivated and by who
Statement forward email notifications:
Statement forward email notification updated to ensure it does not send multiple times for the same deactivation. Statement forward deactivation emails will be updated to advise on the endpoint.
Statement forward queue persona delay
Statement forward queues will ensure that persona data is in place before the statement is forwarded