Learning Locker Roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Pulse dashboard
Product feature for LMS Pulse
Most sent emails template
A visualization looking at emails sent
CSV export improvements
Searching personas by identifier
Improved navigation in the UI

Coming soon

New Query Builder
A simplified version of the query builder, making it easier for non-data specialists to interrogate the data.
Email Digest
Part of a new strategy to move towards giving people the 'news that matters' rather than just dashboards. This is an email highlighting important changes in data and things you might want to act on. It will provide a text summary and a nice visual for each item - and the ability to click through for more info.
Assessment Analysis
A detailed analysis of assessments, with new templates, to help identify use patterns and issues in an assessment. By assessment or by learner. Includes questions picker.
UI Refresh
A set of changes to the Learning Locker experience for end users to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. This is a large project that will be delivered in stages with the key goal to take the stress and complexity away from making learning measurable.
Statement Stream for Dashboard
A view of learner data coming into Learner Locker that is similar to the Source view - ie to allow the organization to see recent activity in the Dashboard and better understand current/recent patterns of use.


Benchmarking to Time Series
The ability to benchmark against time series in a visualization.
Activity registry UI
Ability to add activities into Learning Locker or create aliases in a similar way to personas currently.