Learning Locker Roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Question Analysis Beta
A specific set of templates designed to help analyze question and answer data. For example, to help identify questions in a quiz that are likely incorrect/too difficult etc as everyone is failing them.
Metadata API
Adding the new metadata from different CMI5 question types makes it much easier to create useful visualizations based on this type of data, we have made sure that we continue to stay true to the spec, while getting around some of the areas that make reporting on this type of xAPI difficult.
New Demo (Sales Data)
An updated sales demo set of data, this will also include the salesforce integration when complete.

Coming soon

Improve Performance
Scalability and speed improvements for all clients.
Journey Visualizations
Improvements to the way Journeys is visualized, making it clear and quicker to view the aggregated completion and progress data without having to review all individuals.
UI Refresh
A set of changes to the Learning Locker experience for end users to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. This is a large project that will be delivered in stages with the key goal to take the stress and complexity away from making learning measurable.
Content Analysis Product
Additional metadata added for statements coming from Adapt will make reporting on content from this platform much easier and richer than previously possible. This is the first step of many that will make Learning Locker the leading LRS for content-based insights.
Sales Product
Integrations with popular sales CRM tools will make it easier than ever to measure the impact that training has against common Sales KPIs.
New Query Builder
A simplified version of the query builder, making it easier for non-data specialists to interrogate the data.
Totara Templates
A full set of pre-configured templates designed to visualize the most common and important data from Totara in Learning Locker.
Confidence Dashboards
A new set of dashboards to compare confidence levels before and after - for demonstrations / feedback initially.
Statement Stream for Dashboard
A view of learner data coming into Learner Locker that is similar to the Source view – i.e to allow the organization to see recent activity in the Dashboard and better understand current/recent patterns of use.


Storyline Templates
A pre-configured set of visualizations designed to display common and useful data from Storyline in Learning Locker.
Benchmarking to Time Series
The ability to benchmark against time series in a visualization.