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Safeguarding Adults Level 3 (Health)
This module follows on from the Levels 1 and 2 titles on Safeguarding in our suite of courses aimed at those who work in the Health sector, taking learners to Level 3 of the NHS Core Skills Framework.
New and Expectant Mothers
Today, over half the workforce in the UK are working mothers yet the birth rate across the world is falling. It’s important that women feel secure in the knowledge that they can have babies and keep working.
Understanding Stress and Anxiety (Foundation Skills)
This twin set of modules will follow later in 2020 and is part of Learning Pool’s growing offering on wellbeing. In the first module we look at what stress is, the different types of the condition and what causes it, and also some techniques you can practice to mitigate against it. In the second module, we focus on anxiety and what we can do to manage it.
Autism Awareness Tier 1
This is relevant to those in working in any sector who may occasionally interact with autistic people, but who do not have responsibility for providing direct care or making decisions about autism-specific care or support.
Sexual Harassment
This module guides employers though raising awareness and prevention. Focusing on Implimentation of robust policies and procedures and should ensure their leaders and line managers adopt a zero toleration approach to sexual harassment in the workplace.
Climate Change and Sustainability
You will find out some of the important facts behind our understanding of climate change, and how that has shaped Cornwall Council’s response to the current climate emergency. You will also find out how carbon footprints are measured and explore some ideas for living a lower carbon lifestyle at home and work.
Data Protection Suite Update
Updates to the Data protection suite to account for Changes in UK & International data protection legislation

Coming soon

Fundamentals of Diabetes (Health)
Diabetes is a life long condition and the lifestyle choices of the person living with diabates can have an impact on their wellbeing. In this module we look at the condition from cause, symptoms up to living with and managing the condition. We discuss the types of diabetes as well as lifestyles that have an impact on the condition
Fire Warden Training
Not only is it important that organisations meet their legal obligations, but there is a moral duty too. Nobody wants to feel responsible for someone being harmed in the event of a fire. The employer needs help to meet their legal and moral obligations to keep people safe. That’s why organisations need to ensure Fire Warden Training is completed and up to date.
This module aims to raise awareness for working in a sector that may come into contact with someone who has Anaphylaxis.
Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching is a critical leadership skill, and when used effectively it can be the difference between acceptable levels of performance and exemplary levels.
This module aims to aid those who care or have contact with people who experience Dysphagia.
This module is designed to give the learner high level knowledge of the Mortgage Conduct of Business Sourcebook or MCOB.
Local Government for Scotland
In a devolved Scotland the need for localised content focused to the needs of our Scottish customers is important to recognise the differences in the way legislation on key areas differ.
Scabies (Foundation Skills)
Undertaking this module, the learner will be familiar with what causes scabies, how you can spot it, then how best to deal with it.
Combined County Council and Police Crimes Commissioner Election
Helping our Public Sector learners to Prepare for the upcoming Elections for Local, County and Police Crimes Commissioner elections. With Restrictions in place, this module and support modules aim to help councils prepare for the upcoming elections.


Dental Care
This Care Certificate module will look at the importance of dental care.
Active Bystanders UK & US
Following on From the Sexual Harassment module, Active bystanders will continue the aim of a safe and responsible work environment.
Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Taking inspiration from our Uncomfortable truth series, Diversity, Inclusion and belonging will more a core module in our Equality, Diversity and inclusion offer.
Right to Work
In this module we aim to Understand the reasons for the changes to UK Immigration and Right to Work legislation.
Manual Handling Part 2: Using Equipment
Continuing on from our Current Manual Handling Module and offering a detailed look into LOLER and PUWER as well as other Health and Safety requirements for Manual Handling.