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Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching is a critical leadership skill, and when used effectively it can be the difference between acceptable levels of performance and exemplary levels.
Digital Leadership: New Collection
New Content coming on Personal Branding, Online Marketing, Online campaigns, Data Analysis and Digital Leadership.
Hybrid Working
In this lesson/module, we’ll look at what exactly hybrid working is; the benefits, considerations and what this means to colleagues, leaders and the business.

Coming soon

Dental Care
This Care Certificate module will look at the importance of dental care.
Active Bystanders (UK & US Versions)
Following on From the Sexual Harassment module, Active bystanders will continue the aim of a safe and responsible work environment.
Adoptive Leave, Paternity Leave & Shared Leave
Following on From our New and Expectant Mothers, we're looking at the other aspects of working life as a new parent.
Court Skills for Adult Social Workers
Adult Social Workers' time in court in increasing, this lesson aims to help support their time in court, and the after care. Learn from ASC workers who have spent time in court and the valuable lessons they have learned.
Care Certificate: Dental Care and Learning Disabilities (Care Certificates): Product Feature May 3, 2021 – Oct 26, 2021 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Taking inspiration from our Uncomfortable truth series, Diversity, Inclusion and belonging will more a core module in our Equality, Diversity and inclusion offer.
Manual Handling Part 2: Using Equipment
Continuing on from our Current Manual Handling Module and offering a detailed look into LOLER and PUWER as well as other Health and Safety requirements for Manual Handling.