Off-the-shelf content roadmap


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Cellar Management (Hospitality)
By completing this module, learners will understand the basics of cellar management, including staying safe, preventing wastage and ensuring quality.
Future Skills
Future Skills is our new Content Pack, designed to showcase Adapt and Curation, and to fit our strategy for the LXP and helping your organisation develop the skills it needs NOW and NEXT. It will be 13 Skills, with new Adapt content and curated content - designed based on future skills any workforce will need (based on research)
Bar Skills for Staff and Managers (Hospitality)
This is a set of two modules on bar hospitality. One is aimed at staff and another at managers. Across the set we’ll look at setting up the bar and all the ways you can ensure a smooth and high quality service.
Future of Work Library
A content library designed to help organizations become mandatory COVID secure and educate learners on how they adjust to 'a new normal' working environment.
Technology and Change
New content on the use of technology in the modern world - including the pace of technological advancement and adjusting to the toolset.

Coming soon

Scottish Government Suite (Government)
Versions of our Government titles on Prevent, Safeguarding Adults and Children, Introduction to Local Government, Data Protection Essentials and Freedom of Information for Local Authorities, tailored for a Scottish local government audience.
Safeguarding Adults Level 3 (Health)
This module follows on from the Levels 1 and 2 titles on Safeguarding in our suite of courses aimed at those who work in the Health sector, taking learners to Level 3 of the NHS Core Skills Framework.
Coaching x 4 (Foundation Skills)
This is a suite of four modules on coaching and mentoring. Each of the four explores the subject from a different angle – from both the point of view of the coach/mentor and the person being coached/mentored. We look at some of the tools and techniques that you can use to maximize impact.
Scabies (Foundation Skills)
By the end of this short course, you will be familiar with what causes scabies, how you can spot it, then how best to deal with it.
Dementia L2 (Adult Social Care, Health)
This course is for those in social care, health and housing settings who provide direct care and support for people living with dementia. The course meets the requirements for Tier 2 of the Dementia Training Standards Framework which was developed by Skills for Health, Health Education England and Skills for Care (2018) and follows on from the existing module in the Social Care, Health and Housing catalogues.
Payment Services Directive (Financial Services)
This module will provide a high-level introduction to the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD 2) and the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSR 2017). Covered in the module will be Payment Services, Authorisation and registration, Conduct of Business, Capital resources, Safeguarding and Complaints.
Understanding Stress and Anxiety (Foundation Skills)
This twin set of modules will follow later in 2020 and is part of Learning Pool’s growing offering on wellbeing. In the first module we look at what stress is, the different types of the condition and what causes it, and also some techniques you can practice to mitigate against it. In the second module, we focus on anxiety and what we can do to manage it.
Social Media
This Module will expand on our ‘Getting started with Social Media’ course, looking at the uses of social media.
New and Expectant Mothers
This module will look at the emotional and legislation demands of childbirth and maternity leave for employers and employees.


Dental Care
This Care Certificate module will look at the importance of dental care.