Totara Learn Roadmap


We take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


API modifications for LXP
Build of the APIs in Totara to allow content from Totara to be pulled into a stream in the LXP
xAPI Logstore
The xAPI logstore basically acts as a translator between your Totara LMS and LRS. It enables the LMS to send a range of xAPI events for a list of LMS activities that include course, program and certification completions and Seminar attendances. It is very easily integrated with our Learning Locker LRS to allow our customers Learning Management Systems to be a core part of their Learning Ecosystems
Stream/Totara: Mandatory Completion API
Work on the Totara side to enable the surfacing of Totara content in Stream, as a stream
CPD Report Source
Administrators can see the CPD performance of the organization as a whole or by department.

Coming soon

Totara xAPI launch activity
Now you can easily host your xAPI published content on your LMS with our brand new xAPI Launch Activity allowing you to obtain more granular data on how users are using your content.
Training Tiles
Changes to the Record of Learning section of the LMS to a view in-line with the catalogue tile view which is much more modern and eye catching


More KPI Dashlets
Additional dashlets based on client requirements