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Learn-by-doing adaptive scenarios that guarantee mastery and reduce seat time by 20-50%

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Start delivering personalized learning experiences

Benchmark performance internally

Learner summary of overall course performance, benchmarked against company performance.

Identify knowledge gaps

Uses engaging scenarios to measure learners’ choices and give feedback to get each learner to 100% proficiency.

Analyze real-time performance

Generate rich performance metrics to assess, improve, and manage the effectiveness of your training.

We help put thousands of hours back into your business

Deliver more effective learning

With personalized coaching and feedback, active learning sessions and learn-by-doing exercises, training is done faster and 100% mastery is reached by every employee.

Reduce seat time

Learning Pool’s adaptive learning helps companies return thousands of productive revenue-generating hours back into the business.

Off-the-shelf or custom content

Whether custom or off-the-shelf, we have expertly designed courses, that are regularly updated, and will help you build your curriculum.

Feature snapshot

Translations available

Make training available to employees around the globe by translating to over 65 different languages.

ADA Compliant

Our adaptive training courses are designed to be responsive and accessible to all employees on any devices, and meet all ADA requirements

Easy self-editing

Connect to the course editing platform to make each course look and feel like your own.

Analytics beyond metrics

Our courses feed the analytics portal with predictive insight and strategy-driving data points.

Improve learner retention

Better retention through learn-by-doing training and decreased seat time with adaptive courses.

Easy integration

Our products integrate easily with any existing LMS.

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