BI Connector

Turn real-time data into useable information by connecting Learning Locker® with your Business Intelligence tool of choice

BI Connector

Use the BI Connector app (powered by MongoDB) to create queries with SQL data and visualize, graph and report on your Learning Locker® Enterprise data using existing relational business intelligence tools, such as Tableau or Qlik.

Why Do I Need It?

Use the power of Learning Locker® to forge the link between learning and performance

Managed Integration

We’ll help you connect Enterprise Learning Locker® to your chosen BI tool with proven, standards-based integration

Visualize Data

Build informative views of your learning data to understand behavior, spot trends and initiate action

Powerful Reporting

Cross-reference your data inputs and standardise KPI’s and reports from an authoritative source

How Does It Work?

Connecting directly to the MongoDB, the BI connector flattens JSON objects into a more typical relational format as a default schema
Working with one of our data scientists, a more suitable schema is constructed to format the statements in a table structure that is easy to use in your reporting tool
Data is then available to be analyzed in your existing BI tools like Tableau, Qlik and Power BI

Part of the Analytics suite

Semantic Analysis

Use our proprietary algorithm to drive insights into the quality of learners' submissions.

BI Connector

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker®

Analytics suite


Centralize Reporting

All your reporting in one place.

Faster Access to Data

Direct connection to the database.

Standardize Data Structure

All your data is in the same shape, making reporting seamless.


Go Open Source

Not ready for Enterprise?

The Open Source Learning Locker® offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment – On-Premise or On-Cloud

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