Adaptive Compliance Training

Hyper-personalized training experiences that help learners become their most ethical and compliant selves

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Predictive and measurable compliance training

Topic mastery guaranteed

Truly adaptive learning technology, learn-by-doing exercises, and personalized coaching mean that learners all reach 100% proficiency across key topics.

Predict risk and prevent incidents with Intelligent Insight

Predicting your risk requires the right training data. Our LMS-agnostic analytics tool captures behavioral data from training that highlights your biggest risks, so you can easily target and address them.

Prove proficiency and measure training performance

Completion data isn’t enough. Adaptability helps you target high risk roles and functions while behavioral insight helps you tailor future reinforcement and evolve your program towards one that demonstrably works in practice.

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Real behavioral data to uncover risk blindspots

Stronger training data unlocks insight into your organizational risks, making it possible to target and address any blind spots and prevent risky behavior.

Significant seat time & training cost savings

Course adaptability means that employees can be more efficient in training. We help customers reduce training seat time by up to 50% annually.

Personalized coaching per learner

Every learner receives their own version of training based on their continual performance throughout a course. This means coaching and feedback is tailored to specific learner needs.

AI-driven reinforcement

Our technology can learn from past performance across compliance concepts, and deliver the right reinforcement material at the right times.

Highly rated by learners

More efficiency, higher relevance, and learn-by-doing exercises netted our compliance training a 4.7/5 stars. “By far the most clearly communicated and effective trainings I’ve taken”.

Easy and accurate reporting

More comprehensive data and insight makes it possible to build reports for stakeholders easier than ever.

All your compliance concepts covered

Anti-Corruption, Office Safety & Employee Wellbeing, Ethics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Financial Crimes and much more

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