Semantic Analysis

Judge the efficacy of Social Learning experiences with the Semantic Analysis app

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Why Do I Need It?

Our state-of-the-art Social Intelligence algorithm determines sentiment and meaning behind learner contributions.

Understand Your Workforce

Semantic Analysis goes beyond ‘tick-box’ metrics to gauge the feeling behind comment contributions, the most effective way of judging how learning is being received in large-scale courses.

See Who's Truly Engaged Stores, One Installation

Identify those who are providing quality contributions to your training initiatives – and those who aren’t.

Record engagement stats from text contributions anywhere, directly into Learning Locker®.

Glean Actionable Insights

Visualize your sentiment data in simple and clear dashboards, identifying exceptional users, top performers, active and passive learners with ease.

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Semantic Analysis

Use our proprietary algorithm to drive insights into the quality of learners' submissions.


How Does It Work?

An ecosystem of Learning Locker®, xAPI, Python and Tensorflow creates meaningful insights for your business.

Parse Statements

We take comments from your Social Learning Platform, parse them into xAPI statements and store them in Learning Locker®.

Social Intelligence

Learning Locker® then passes new comments to our Social Intelligence models, based on the Community of Enquiry Model.


We use our Machine Learning engine to analyze and store additional metadata alongside the original xAPI statement, allowing you to visualize the quantified output of our Social Intelligence algorithms.

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11. What our Customers Say

"We are very excited for this next phase of the Academy. Having had to launch with our legacy Academy look and feel, we have now moved to a new template developed by Learning Pool and this has been really well received."

Ben Long
New Look

Learning Pool really listens and understand our business needs and always come up with new solutions and help overcome problems. They are quick to inform us of new features and ways of working.

Niki Fincham

“We were looking for a thorough yet engaging way to raise awareness of GDPR across our organisation. We found Learning Pool during our online research and it quickly became clear that they had a great solution right out of the box."

Tom Jewell

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