Headstream LXP

Transform user engagement with social and self-directed learning, natural language deep search and personalized recommendations
Understand how to deliver learning in the workflow

You're in good company

Delivering a modern learning experience for world-leading organizations

The source of workflow learning

Bringing learning into the daily workflow

We built Headstream to reduce the friction learners face in accessing great content, so they can quickly and easily use learning assets which help them do their jobs better.

Fast, secure and flexible

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Headstream offers a fast, secure and flexible approach to delivering the online training your people need to make the biggest impact on business performance.

A personalized experience

Headstream personalises the learning experience for each user and creates a data-rich environment from which you can demonstrate the business value that your organizational learning creates.

A suite of integrated learning components

Creating a learning culture for the modern workforce

Headstream Flo

Our personalized learning chatbot, Flo, links you to learning content using natural language search and directs you to your assigned learning; all as part of your daily routine

Headstream Social

Engage your audience with learning, encouraging debate and user-generated content. Analyze interactions with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to drive performance improvement

Headstream Insights

Flexible and comprehensive analytics from the world's most installed xAPI Learning Record Store, giving you the information you need to make good decisions

Headstream Experience

Consumer-grade user interface to help learners find and access their content through a browser on any device, at any time

Headstream Manager

A range of advanced reporting options to help your managers to keep abreast of their team’s learning and take action where needed

Headstream Search

Natural language, AI-powered deep search connecting learners directly to specific content at their point of need

Headstream Studio

Quickly create your own beautiful, device-responsive content which is auto-indexed for fast learner search and connection

Headstream Campaigns

Plan, launch, nudge and manage learning effectively. Use advanced learning techniques like spaced practice to maximize retention and recall

How you could use an LXP

One platform, dozens of applications
Popular uses
Induction & onboarding
Microlearning performance support
Rapid compliance for extended users
Leadership and management training
Product knowledge and awareness
Call centers
External learners
Event management

The future of workplace learning

Why you should use an LXP today


Turn your company watercooler into your learning platform and unlock the value of your existing content with measurable user interactions


Headstream personalizes the on-demand learning experience, using advanced analytics to recommend the best content

Powered by data

Every user action is tracked, giving you an unparalleled ability to refine your content and link learning activity to staff performance

Fully xAPI-compliant

xAPI is rapidly becoming the standard for workplace learning technologies, letting you to analyze and enhance the learner experience in real time

Google-grade search

Use natural language search to find and launch accurate learning experiences which might be held at a deep level in your learning content


With learning in the workflow, consuming bite-sized experiences has never been easier or more convenient. Fit learning into your daily routine

Actionable insight

Use the built-in Learning Locker LRS to aggregate data across your other business systems and prove the value of learning in your organization

Consumer-grade UI

Intuitive and attractive to use, find, launch and interact with assigned and self-directed learning with one click

Content curation

Quickly create and upload user generated content to share with your learning network, using your mobile phone as your camera and microphone


Headstream LXP – the source of workflow learning

What our Customers Say

Rob Grimshaw
TES - An Ecosystem for Teacher Training

“A great deal of thought has been put into the content and technology behind and they are proving very popular with teachers, including our most recent course on growth mindset. This win underlines TES Institute’s position as a real innovator in all areas of teacher training.”

Onna Soloman
The Play Project

HT2 (now part of Learning Pool) has been a tremendous partner for the PLAY Project. They have helped us hand in hand to set up our Curatr platform, and to help us setup up our courses for the most effective use of Curatr as an LMS. HT2 learned about PLAY Project’s mission to help children with autism, and has provided support, flexibility and resources for us to reach this mission more effectively. We can’t say enough about their work and their support for The PLAY Project!

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