Anders Pink

Reduce the time spent curating niche content for specific topics and job roles with the LXP integration for automated content curation.

Deliver continuous learning in the workflow


Build collections and recommend content to colleagues in private teams, allowing them to add comments, curate content of their own and share as part of a team. This AI-powered algorithm learns from the user’s preferences, refining the content to make it even more tailored to the individual every time they log on.


Dynamically aggregate content from millions of sources so that your colleagues only see the content that’s relevant to them. Users can create their own briefings based on preferred topics, keywords, sites and platforms.


Share curated content in the flow of work to build a continuous learning habit. The content can be embedded in any app, tool or platform or can be added natively to your site to help your organization power learning recommendations and content curation.

Why Anders Pink?

Curate as well as create

Complement your courses and programs with a steady stream of trending content. Updated every 24 hours, resources remain up-to-date whilst saving on time and money.

Enhance your content offer

Create briefings mapped to your course library to help provide fresh content alongside formal learning.

Support your leadership teams

Choose from the top 20 sources/topics that leadership teams want to track to save time searching whilst building a continuous learning habit.

Drive traffic and engagement to learning platforms

Add trending feeds to key pages within the LXP to ensure there’s a fresh stream of content available to every audience in your organization.

How does it work?

AI-curated content

Receive an automated feed of regularly updated content added to your platform for your team to view, share and comment on. The algorithm for curating content learns the user’s preferences to keep content relevant.

Full API

Integrate full curation functionality in your LXP for the whole user and admin experience by embedding the Anders Pink UI into your platform with the full API.

Enhanced analytics

Discover the most viewed sources, timestamps for consumption and most preferred content type at user level in order to refine briefings to help drive engagement.

Anders Pink integrates seamlessly with Stream LXP, part of the Stream Learning Suite

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