Rapid Authoring

Create and publish professional learning content and performance support materials directly in Stream LXP

Instant content creation


Rapid Authoring has been designed with an intuitive interface allowing administrators to create content with an inline editor – allowing you to see exactly how your content will look for learners as you create it.

Data driven

All Rapid Authoring content is designed to provide xAPI tracking with no manual configuration required. Simply add it to a Learning Experience and watch as Stream Data Cloud instantly starts receiving the data.

Multiple content types

Rapid Authoring allows you to create a range of content types that will help engage and upskill your learners. Create micro-learning, articles, blog posts and more with images, videos and quizzes. Just drag and drop components to create your content.

What you can do with Rapid Authoring

Create articles and blog posts

Drag and drop components into flexible templates to quickly and easily publish high-quality, branded content on your LXP.

Simple evaluation forms

With a question widget and free text options, you can capture user data effectively and gather feedback from your learners.


Create short bursts of content that reinforce existing knowledge or introduce new practices/concepts.

Media-rich publishing

Group multiple content types – combine text, images, videos, and quizzes to create professional content that truly engages users.


Personalize the onboarding experience by using rapids to display a welcome video, links to any key documentation, as well as a checklist of items for users to complete as part of their induction.


Create simple FAQ style pages for your learners with a mixture of media, allowing them to easily see an explanation and demonstration.

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