Data Archive

Long term storage for your Learning Locker® data

Data Archive

Long term storage for your Learning Locker® data

Learning Locker® Enterprise stores data for query for up to two years. After the second year, older data can be deprecated to a Data Lake (for use with something like Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery), allowing for historical queries into the future whilst avoiding additional charges for data storage over the long term for xAPI.

Why Do I Need It?

Providing an auditable solution to your data storage


Many businesses require an auditing option on a long term basis, data archiving into alternative and easily accessible storage can be key to meet these requirements.

Long Term Analysis

Having the option to analyze data over many years can be useful. Making use of a tool that provides this option may be necessary to review longer-term business performance.

Cutting Costs

Using alternative methods for storage can be a way to manage costs if you still need to keep hold of the data for auditing purposes but don’t want to use it on a daily basis for reporting.

How Does It Work?

Multiple options for your data archiving needs
Choose a Strategy
Choose options ranging from statement forwarding to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehouse.
Process the Data
Batch processing at a schedule or real-time is possible all depending on your needs.
Place Into Storage
Store the data in your low-cost storage method, such as Redshift or BigQuery, for use at a later date if required.

Part of the Utility Suite

Data Archive

Store query data for up to two years.

URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs


Convert spreadsheet data into xAPI statements


Securely launch xAPI content packages


A central administration tool for organizations seeking to comply with GDPR

Utility Suite


Cut Costs

Make use of alternative low-cost storage like Redshift or BigQuery.

Long Term Audit

Maintain a longer-term record, useful for internal company audits.

Combine with Other Non-xAPI Data

If you have data not stored in the LRS that you wish to compare, it might be easier to take the validated xAPI and combine it with the other source.


Go Open Source

Not ready for Enterprise?

The Open Source Learning Locker®, offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment – On-Premise or On-Cloud.

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