Summarize text from thousands of sources


Summarize texts from thousands of sources

getAbstract provides access to over 20,000 summarized texts, allowing learners to gather the key points that the author has made in less than 10 minutes.

Why Do I Need It?

Understand learner interaction across the platform

See What Learners Are Talking About

Track comments learners make against the content on the site.

Find Out What Content Is Popular

xAPI statements generated from likes and downloads help you see what content is being used.

Measure Notable Activity

Key activity streams are collected meaning you only get the data you need from your Degreed reporting.

How Does It Work?

Using the Integration Pipeline to process the statements
We use our Integration Pipeline to poll the getAbstract API via their REST interface - to get access we require the getAbstract token for the particular instance, allowing us to poll the API.
We poll every hour and pull through the activity data into the ETL tool, at which point we transform the raw JSON into xAPI statements.
There are then pushed into the LRS using the app key and secret for the chosen store.

Part of the Integrations suite


Summarize text from thousands of sources


API integration with one of the largest off the shelf learning platforms

Cornerstone On Demand

Get xAPI statements from the reporting outputs of one of the most widely used LMS's on the market.

Google Forms

Automatically takes data that your form respondents fill out in Google Forms and pipes it into the LRS of your choice for analysis.

Integration Pipeline

Multiple integrations with non-xAPI data


Convert conversation data into xAPI statements

Survey Monkey

Input your survey data directly into the Learning Locker


One of the most widely used off-the-shelf content providers in the world

Integrations Suite


Find Popular Content

Track the likes and downloads of content to see which material is popular with your learners and surface that to more individuals.

Uncover Outdated Material

Find out what content is not getting the same activity and use this to update or replace the tired material.

Track Learner Engagement

Get a real understanding of engagement through learner comments, and in combination with our text analysis, you can find out who really gets it.


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