Integration Pipeline

Allowing for multiple integrations with non-xAPI data to be made into Learning Locker®

Integration Pipeline

Connecting everything together

Use the Integration Pipeline to connect all your non-xAPI systems together to create a single source of record for all your learning analytics.

Why Do I Need It?

Transform all your data into a common unified standard


Extract non-xAPI data from multiple sources and transform into xAPI-ready for use in your Learning Locker® instance.


Our custom ETL tool can be set to run on a schedule providing you with real-time learning experience data as soon as it’s available.


Using the visualization options in Learning Locker®, you have an easy and intuitive way of understanding how your learners are performing, giving you the best opportunity to make changes and improvements where necessary.

How Does It Work?

Whether it's an API connection or a CSV import, the integration pipeline makes generating and storing xAPI quick and simple.
Simply add our plugin to your Google Forms instance.
All survey responses will then be converted into xAPI statements and pushed to the Learning Locker® LRS.
Get an instant stream of data for every form that is responded to.

Part of the Integrations suite


Summarize text from thousands of sources


API integration with one of the largest off the shelf learning platforms

Cornerstone On Demand

Get xAPI statements from the reporting outputs of one of the most widely used LMS's on the market.

Google Forms

Automatically takes data that your form respondents fill out in Google Forms and pipes it into the LRS of your choice for analysis.

Integration Pipeline

Multiple integrations with non-xAPI data


Convert conversation data into xAPI statements

Survey Monkey

Input your survey data directly into the Learning Locker


One of the most widely used off-the-shelf content providers in the world

Integrations Suite


Single Source of Record

All of your data in one place to make reporting easier.

Hand Over the Set-Up

Let HT2 take over the connection and transformation of the data, taking the pressure and complexity away from you.

Rich Data for Analysis

With all of the data in one place and having it conform to the xAPI standard, you will have a great level of detail to report on, allowing you to find potential issues or areas for improvement and quickly action them.


Go Open Source

Not ready for Enterprise?

The Open Source Learning Locker® offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment – On-Premise or On-Cloud.

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