Securely launch content from your LMS with the Launchr app


Securely launch content from your LMS

The xAPI Launchr allows you to securely launch xAPI content, like that created with authoring tools like Adapt, according to a specification defined by the ADL.

Why Do I Need It?

Remove any security risks when collecting learner data

Secure Transfer

Use a single-use token to securely launch your xAPI content from your chosen authoring tool.

Verification of Learner

Verify that the xAPI created is for the correct learner.

Low Complexity

Easy to implement compared to other solutions, this is the primary choice for launching xAPI data.

How Does It Work?

A single-use token for every launch
Initiate Launch
Initiate the launch from the LMS to the launch server endpoint which stores the LRS credentials.
Provide Token
A single-use token is provided which is sent to the launched content along with the actor and context where the remaining statements are constructed.
Validate and Send
The data is returned to the launch server for validation and sent to the LRS.

Part of the Utility Suite

Data Archive

Store query data for up to two years.

URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs


Convert spreadsheet data into xAPI statements


Securely launch xAPI content packages


A central administration tool for organizations seeking to comply with GDPR

Utility Suite


Secure Data Transfer

Keep your data secure with the single-use token design of the launch algorithm.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Make use of external authoring tools to avoid being tied into a single vendor.

Simple to Implement

Most of the hard work has been done by us to make it easy for you to start creating secure launches.


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