URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs

URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs

You can use the short domain lrnloc.kr to create simple, shareable URLs to your resources that also send xAPI statements about usage back to your Learning Locker®.

Why Do I Need It?

xAPI-trackable URLs


Take awkward resource URLs and create shorter, manageable ones using this tool.


Add in your LRS details to generate tracking from your resources easily.

Easy to Use

No need for Learning Locker® admin privileges to set this one up! Just head to the app, input your URL and away you go!

How Does It Work?

The URL Shortener is available as a standalone app.
First, configure your app with your Learning Locker® auth credentials.
Invite Your Admins
Invite your admins to allow them to create their own shortened URLs.
Paste in the URL
Paste in your long links to create shorter, xAPI-enabled URLs - that's it!

Part of the Utility Suite

Data Archive

Store query data for up to two years.

URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs


Convert spreadsheet data into xAPI statements


Securely launch xAPI content packages


A central administration tool for organizations seeking to comply with GDPR

Utility Suite


Easily Add xAPI to Your Resources

Pasting your link will add the xAPI config and the pre-built xAPI to your resource.

Tidy Up Your URLs

Get rid of the complex URL for your resources and make your site look more professional.

Hand Over Control to Designers

No need to be a Learning Locker® admin or even a techie! This one’s easy to use for anyone who wants to see the benefits of xAPI reporting.


Go Open Source

Not ready for Enterprise?

The Open Source Learning Locker®, offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment – On-Premise or On-Cloud.

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