Create campaigns to maximize learning impact within your organization, giving you complete control over the delivery of learning experiences

Maximize learning impact

Easy to use and automated

Stream Automation has an intuitive interface allowing administrators to quickly create learning campaigns. Integration with Learning Pool’s LXP and data triggers makes this process even easier.

In the workflow for learners

Notifications can be sent to a learner’s inbox or their messaging app and, if more detail or context is needed, single-click access quickly takes them to the content or activity.

Data driven

Progress through a campaign is driven by triggers from Stream Data Cloud. For example, a completed activity will move a learner on to the next stage of the campaign, an incomplete activity after a specified time will trigger a reminder.

Feature snapshot

Create learning pathways

Stream Automation can handle a huge variety of campaigns from the very simple, perhaps a weekly blog or reminder, to full certification programs that last for a year or more.

Learners set goals

Self-directed learning is key for modern learners. Engage them further by using Stream Automation to help them set their own goals and then prompt them to evaluate progress.

Use nudges

Prompt learners to engage or re-engage with a piece of learning and practice what they have previously learnt, whether online or in the real world.

Encourage reflection

Reflection is a great way of improving learning. Get learners to reflect on how they could apply what they have just learnt.

Schedule spaced practice

Learners forget much of what they have learnt unless they use it. Stream Automation lets you create spaced practice activities.

Promote active retrieval

Ask learners to reframe what they have just learnt into something they can action in the next week then check back with them to see how it went.

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