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Implement enterprise data architecture at scale with data management capabilities right-sized for your needs and supported by expert services

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The world's most installed Learning Record Store

Take control of your learning data

Aggregate xAPI compliant data

Take multiple sources of learning data such as learning platform data, content data or survey data and quickly validate and combine them.

Automate administrative tasks

Scale massively, query on-demand, and transform incoming activity data into new, aggregated activity records.

Extend your team

Enjoy a Hypercare implementation phase to ensure your organization is fully equipped to get up and running.

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Benefit from a dedicated resource

Stream Data Cloud powered by Learning Locker is designed to provide you with an individual instance, sized appropriately for your data processing requirements.

Count on speed, security and reliability

100% xAPI-conformant and ready to deliver the
results today’s organizations demand. A modern UI ensures that your learning data is more accessible and manageable than ever before.

Experience exceptional technical support

Dedicated support including a Technical Solutions Engineer and Implementation Manager, online training, telephone support and a Hypercare phase to set you up for success.

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