Motivate your learners and encourage participation. Motrain allows organisations to populate a store with relevant rewards for learners to spend virtual coins on

Build a Community of Learners With Your Own Rewards Store

Seeing too many eye rolls when your employees are asked to complete workplace training? Struggling to compete for the attention of your channel partners? Learning Pool has partnered with Motrain on an engagement solution that allows organizations to populate a store with rewards relevant to your learners to spend virtual coins on, aligning incentives and encouraging participation.

How Does Motrain Work?

Employees earn virtual coins for completing activities and courses. Coins can be spent on anything in the store you set up or to participate in a raffle for more valuable prizes.

Key Features

  • Integrate seamlessly with your Learning Pool solution
  • Create multiple storefronts to serve distinct audiences
  • Customize how and why coins are earned as well as what items cost
  • Leverage Single Sign-On access to the dashboard
  • Navigate a well-designed interface
  • Utilize popular shipping platforms


Use Cases for Motrain

  • Extended enterprise
  • Onboarding training
  • Sales enablement
  • Professional development
  • Job/Employee training
  • Customer/Partner training
  • Academic/Continuing education

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