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This module looks at the importance of building relationships through conversation. We’ll look at some practical tips for how you can do this to ensure a positive guest experience

The Coronavirus module presents a learner with background and facts to this new strain of virus, now known as novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have all seen the stories in the media, but do they really tell us what this virus is and how we can protect ourselves and others?

This module looks at why customer service is such an important feature of today’s hospitality industry, and the direct benefits from delivering great customer experience, and the risks from not carefully considering and implementing the tools for delighting customers. It will look at the approach to complaints handling

This module takes you through delivering a friendly and personalised experience. It covers what a friendly and personalised experience looks like, what it means to read the guest, and what actions and behaviours you can show to help deliver the best guest experience

This module will show you how to deliver effortless service to guests. It introduces what effortless service is and why it’s important, and gives practical advice on how to offer service that feels effortless to both you and your guests

This module outlines what an efficient payment and friendly goodbye look like and why they’re important, and gives you practical advice on how to get payment and the goodbye right

This module covers what makes a guest share their experience, why recommendations are so important, and how you can actively encourage guests to make a recommendation

This module covers what ensuring product quality means, highlights the importance of product quality, and provides some practical tips for maintaining product quality throughout our business

In this module, you’ll find out about the main causes and effects of fires in the workplace and what to do in the event of a fire. You’ll learn how to control fire risks and all about using and maintaining fire safety equipment

The law states that certain rules relating to food and drink must be followed to avoid allergen situations, and these regulations apply to hotels, restaurants, caterers, pubs, street food sellers, bakers, sandwich makers and other such parties, across the whole of Europe.
This module will provide the learner with an improved understanding of the common food allergies and intolerances, including how to set up controls

This module introduces food safety and the importance of good food hygiene. You’ll learn about the role of cleaning in keeping food and equipment safe from contamination and how food should be handled to prevent contamination

Moving on from Level 1, in this module, you’ll learn about the importance of your food-handling responsibilities and find out more about food safety hazards, the harm they can cause and what you can do to avoid them. You’ll also discover the appropriate temperatures for freezing, chilling, cooking and reheating food, and for keeping food hot. Cleaning practice and information on facilities and equipment are also covered

This Level 3 course has been designed to help managers and supervisors in the hospitality sector ensure their business adheres to food safety legislation. As a senior team member, you will learn how to minimise hazards and encourage your team to follow the food safety management system. This will ensure that everything possible is done to provide your customers with a happy, safe experience

This module explains the impact on our brand of getting guests through the door and looks at the various ways we can attract more guests to interact with our business

This module is on how to get the timings right when looking after guests. It outlines why getting the pace right for individual guests is so important and what this feels like for both you and the guest. We’ll also give you practical advice on how to get the pace right, every time

The module explains what HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is and the benefits of using HACCP in the workplace. It also looks at the six elements of HACCP. Please note that this course assumes you have already completed the modules on Health and Safety and Food Safety as these modules contain learning that is relevant to good HACCP practice, including handwashing, cleaning as you go, personal hygiene, and stock rotation

This module is on how to make your guests happy and encourage them to spend more. We’ll look at why upselling is important and provide some useful tips

Topics covered in this module include the main legal responsibilities of employers and employees, hazards and risks in the workplace and the importance of maintaining suitable workplace conditions. The module also takes a look at the importance of following procedures in your workplace

This module looks at what alcohol is and the effect it has on the human body. We focus on the main objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 and the duties of bar employees under the Act. You’ll also learn about how to avoid conflict and how to deal with conflict if it does arise

This module looks at what alcohol is and the effect it has on the human body. We focus on the main objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 and the duties of bar employees under the Act. You’ll also learn about how to avoid conflict and how to deal with conflict if it does arise

This module has been created as an introduction to the Corporate Manslaughter Act in England and Wales and the Corporate Homicide Act in Scotland. Situations that could result in an organisation being prosecuted under these acts need to be avoided at all costs, so it’s important that everyone has an understanding of how to do this

This module aims to raise awareness of CSE and human trafficking and to describe their impact on the hospitality industry. We focus on the main types of exploitation and areas of risk in the hospitality industry and key ethical responsibilities. You’ll also define the three R’s and outline the consequences of ignoring a suspected CSE case

This module looks at the importance of taking pride in your appearance, what this means, and how you can keep on top of looking your best at all times

This module is on the importance of showing passion for what we offer. We look at what showing passion for products entails, how showing passion can impact both your own and your guests’ satisfaction, and the actions you can take to ensure passion is applied each and every time you work

The thought of talking about racial inequality is often scary and daunting, which can lead to people avoiding the subject, becoming defensive or making assumptions. Following on from part 1 – ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’, this module provides learners with a toolkit to help with starting and carrying out these uncomfortable conversations in your organization.

Part 1 of a series of 2 modules, ‘The Uncomfortable Truth will take you on a journey through some real-life scenarios, as our Black friends and family discuss their experiences with racism and how it makes them feel. You’ll then look at the active steps you and your organization need to take to begin your anti-racist journey.

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