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Conflict is an inevitable ingredient in any workplace, but it can actually be regarded as a good thing sometimes – it can show that people are engaged and committed, and it may help to drive positive change. The most effective and efficient workplaces are not necessarily those where conflict doesn’t arise, but those where conflict is handled constructively. This module will look at the causes and types of conflict that can arise in the workplace. We’ll demonstrate best practice approaches to resolving issues, and show everyday measures that can help to prevent future disharmony

Exposure to hazardous substances at work is a serious health risk for many workers, and the COSHH Regulations were introduced in 2002 to ensure that all businesses are aware of their responsibilities in protecting their employees from risk. COSHH applies to almost all substances in the workplace which are known to be toxic, harmful or irritant. Our Core Skills module will help you to understand the legal regulations and identify workers who may be at risk, as well as providing useful tips and advice for reducing the risk of accidents. Also included is a five-step process that demonstrates how to ensure your business remains COSHH-compliant

The Coronavirus module presents a learner with background and facts to this new strain of virus, now known as novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have all seen the stories in the media, but do they really tell us what this virus is and how we can protect ourselves and others?

This module will look to highlight the importance of great customer experience and how this can be disrupted, and the long term impact on that customer and their network. This will look at highlighting the warning signs of missing customer expectation. We also have a separate full suite of modules for Contact Centres and you can view further information here

Bullying and harassment in the workplace can, in addition to creating an unhappy and unproductive environment, carry legal implications for employers. Our Dignity at Work module will demonstrate how managers can help create a positive working environment in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We examine the factors which contribute to team culture and outline the differences between firm management, healthy conflict and bullying. Employee rights is covered, as are dealing with a complaint and how to conduct both a formal and informal enquiry

An estimated 2 million people in the UK have an addiction to some form of substance, and it’s estimated that alcohol alone costs the country £21 billion. This module aims to raise your awareness of drugs and alcohol. We’ll take a look at the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption and view some useful tips for cutting back, as well as examining the more common drug types and their side effects and symptoms. We will also provide sources of support for individuals and employers, including a guide to spotting the early warning signs of substance misuse

Every forward-thinking organisation now aims to be a good employer and to be a business that delivers accessible and high-quality customer service. This includes ensuring equality of access and tackling unfair discrimination in the workplace, in line with the statutory obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Our e-learning module will guide both employees and managers through their responsibilities, identifying protected characteristics, highlighting key concepts of discrimination and underlining the benefits of equality. Advice is given on areas such as using respectful language and avoiding making assumptions, and the module features several real-life case studies and an accompanying knowledge check section

Every year, the fire service attends hundreds of thousands of fires around the UK, a significant portion of which occur in the workplace. The threat to safety is obvious, and both employers and staff have legal responsibilities to ensure that procedures are followed and all due care is taken. Our module, set in a typical office environment, is designed to provide a detailed overview of good fire safety practice. We look at identifying potential risks, what to do in the event of a blaze and how to utilise different types of fire-fighting equipment. Fire Safety includes practical case-studies and a 12-question knowledge check section

First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury, usually performed by a non-expert person to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed by a professional. This e-learning module on first aid should provide you with the basic knowledge to help someone in an emergency

According to the Health and Safety Executive, some 27.3 million days were lost due to work-related ill health and injury in 2014/15. In a bid to improve these figures, health and safety measures provide protection for employees, support for employers and a means of ensuring that all parties are complying with the relevant legislation. Good health and safety practice is a legal requirement in every British workplace. Over the course of Introduction to Health and Safety We’ll take the learner through a range of key areas, including common workplace risks, legal obligations, using a workstation, accidents in the workplace, fire safety, managing stress and more. Practical case studies and knowledge checks are included throughout

Shrink is a critical issue in today’s challenging retail environment. This module introduces the concept of Shrink specifically in retail, what the different types of Shrink are as well as the size and scale of the problem

Manual handling, whereby one ‘transports or supports a load by hand, or by bodily force’ accounts for 24% of all reported workplace accidents – equating to some 909,000 lost working days each year. Both employer and staff have a duty to minimise the risk of injury. Our module serves as a comprehensive guide to good practice, including step-by-step instruction on performing lifts. We give examples of common injuries and how they’re caused, and identify potential risks to staff. A short assessment section will double-check that the learner has understood all key areas. The examples in the module focus on an office environment but can be applied to most workplace settings

Mental illness is one of the least understood and most stigmatised medical conditions, and as such many sufferers face prejudice and discrimination. In fact, with the right support and treatment, most people can lead productive and fulfilling lives. Our Mental Health Awareness e-learning module will examine the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, including common types of illness and the symptoms of psychosis. We’ll also look at the various forms of treatment that are available, including therapy-based approaches

This module will examine the importance of trading to plan, what the impacts of consistently failing to meet trading expectations, as well as highlighting the overall importances businesses have within trading plans. A must for all aspiring Store Managers

Personal safety represents our ability to go about everyday life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional or physical harm from others. It’s a responsibility shared between both manager and employee; the manager provides training, guidance and equipment, and the employee follows and uses it. Following completion of the Personal Safety module, learners will be able to identify sources of risk and develop their own personal safety strategies based on best practice examples. Everything from personal protective equipment to travelling safely to and from work is covered

This course will look to uncover the main causes of wastage in a retail environment. It will help to provide your learners with tools and resources to help avoid these

It’s estimated that British industry loses over £13 billion each year due to sickness absence. Rising absence levels cause problems for every organisation, large or small, across every industry. Research shows that one of the main things that can help to reduce absence levels is clear communication with staff. This module demonstrates how managers and supervisors can communicate more clearly with their staff, thereby enabling them to address issues of absence more effectively. Video-based scenarios illustrate the key areas

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013, place legal duties on employers, the self-employed and those in charge of work premises to report certain serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences (near misses). In recent years, more than 75,000 injuries have been reported under RIDDOR per year, with more 140 people killed at work annually. The RIDDOR module will explain in detail the legal obligations that the regulations impose, how to file a report and which incidents are subject to RIDDOR. Practical, real-world case studies are included to bring the content to life

This module will look to cover the basics that are needed when they start in a retail business on the shop floor. It will cover the key factors needed to make sure that store look and are clean and ready to trade

Stock management is crucial to running an efficient and profitable business and achieving the best possible outcomes. This module is on the importance of effective stock control

Pressure, in some circumstances, can help us to perform to a higher level and achieve our goals. When pressure becomes excessive, however, stress occurs. Our Stress Awareness module is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. We’ll explain why stress occurs and how it can manifest itself physically and psychologically, and offer practical hints and tips on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace. A 12-question knowledge check section is included

The penalties introduced by The Bribery Act 2010 have been described as amongst the toughest in the world, with the legislation forcing organisations to evaluate how, and with whom, they do business. Companies are accountable for ensuring that safeguards are in place to prevent bribery. Learners will come to understand the key points of the Act, including an explanation of how this important legislation affects both employees and organisations. The module looks at typical examples of bribery and the consequences of such acts, as well as preventative steps that all staff can take. There’s also a section on how to report suspected instances of bribery

The thought of talking about racial inequality is often scary and daunting, which can lead to people avoiding the subject, becoming defensive or making assumptions. Following on from part 1 – ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’, this module provides learners with a toolkit to help with starting and carrying out these uncomfortable conversations in your organization.

Part 1 of a series of 2 modules, ‘The Uncomfortable Truth will take you on a journey through some real-life scenarios, as our Black friends and family discuss their experiences with racism and how it makes them feel. You’ll then look at the active steps you and your organization need to take to begin your anti-racist journey.

This module will review how personal experiences, stereotypes and cultural environment can influence decisions and actions even without you realising that they have. One area where ‘unconscious bias’ play out is in the workplace, where they can influence decisions on recruitment, promotion and performance management if left unchallenged

This module provides a high-level examination of the legal and regulatory responsibilities regarding whistleblowing. The user will learn what is meant by the term ‘whistleblowing’, its origins and why such emphasis is placed on it in the modern commercial world.
We provide an introduction to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) and explore the ways in which whistleblowing can occur, including the options open to those who decide to ‘whistleblow’ and the safeguards which are put in place by law and regulations to enable them to do so with confidence. The relationship between whistleblowing and risk management is examined, as is a typical company policy

Each year since 2001 an average of 8,702 people in Great Britain have been seriously injured due to a fall from height. In the majority of cases, these falls could have been prevented had working at height regulations been fully adhered to. Our e-learning module will provide expert guidance on working at height, including pre-work assessments, safe use of ladders and HSE regulations

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