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Build a future-ready workforce

Rapid skills development and mobility

Empower your workforce to develop skills needed in the future and find more opportunities within your organization.

Identify organizational skills gaps

View your company’s existing skills and proficiencies to help you identify gaps in your workforce and increase proficiency faster than the competition.

Future-proof your workforce

Use market data to uncover workforce trends and highlight the skills that your business needs to develop now and in the future.

Get agile with workforce management

Get your workforce ready for tomorrow

Use evidence-based market information to highlight emerging workforce and skill set trends to nurture individual careers. Identify global market trends to keep your workforce on the right route to agile success.

Empower your people

Skills Builder’s digital career advice provides transparency around internal opportunities, and offers individual coaching designed to eliminate skills gaps and upskill your workforce.

Reskill your workforce for any task

Use evidence-based, proven upskilling and team assignment to adapt your workforce to any task. Assign suitable candidates to future projects and roles based on their proven abilities and skills.

Feature snapshot

Quickly identify the skills you have today

Skills Builder makes it simple to establish and maintain individual skills profiles for every employee in an organization with a flexible, AI-powered ontology.

Personalize your team's skills development

Skills Builder organizes data in an actionable, scalable way and assigns relevant learning opportunities in order to close your most pressing skills gaps.

Get automatic skills suggestions

Skills Builder offers automatic skill suggestions based on the skills in the team, current job roles and market roles. This helps to upskill your workforce and eliminate skills gaps.

Create an internal marketplace for mobility

Give your workforce the space and ability to grow within your organization. Skills Builder enables you to easily identify team members who have the skills to fill a vacancy or contribute to a project.

Prepare your business for market trends

Future-proof your organization against a constantly changing market. Skills Builder makes you aware of upcoming changes early on so that you can understand the skill-to-job combination across industries to adjust and adapt proactively.

Assign the right person to the right job

Better understand what skills people and teams have, on what level, and the skill readiness of entire teams. Skills Builder allows you to have data-driven conversations with your workforce to assign the right person to the right job.

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Helping organizations develop skills since 2006