Suite Dreams - A Learning & Performance Institute Webinar

12:00 - 12:45(BST)
16 June 2021

Learning Technologists: Join us for a critical review of the state of the current LXP and Learning suite market, from their origins to the latest integrated suites.

Hosts John Helmer and Dr Ben Betts review the burgeoning analyst discussion around specialists, stacks and ecosystems and discuss how a modern learning suite can fully support and develop today’s learner.

During this session, you will learn:

about the history, and review the past mistakes of the early learning ecosystems

how to to identify and articulate the key differences between LMS, LXPs, learning suites and understand the relative strengths, use cases and deployment for each

all about learning in the employee lifecycle, and understand how each stage requires something different to put the learner first

how an integrated learning suite can save you time and money- all while offering something more than a collection of disparate learning tools

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Ben Betts
Chief Executive Officer
Ben serves as CEO for Learning Pool LTD, with responsibility for the commercial, product and people functions based mostly in the UK. Ben’s expertise is based in research, having previously completed his PhD researching the impact of gamification on adult social learning.
John Helmer
Writer, Speaker, Podcaster and Communications Consultant
John Helmer FLPI is a writer, speaker, podcaster and communications consultant. He runs and presents the acclaimed fortnightly podcast The Learning Hack, which features conversations with leading figures in learning in the US and UK.