The Invisible and the Disruptive: Learning Experience Design in Action

Beginning on the 8th October 2020

'The Invisible and the Disruptive: Learning Experience Design in Action' Webinar series


The term ‘Learning Experience’ has become common parlance in the industry but how does it change the way we approach developing content? 

Join us for our brand-new webinar series as our talented Learning Experience team provide you with fascinating insight and practical tips to help you make the most of this shift in approach.


During this 3-part series, we will explore:


What we actually mean by the term ‘Learning Experience’

Top tips and techniques from our learning professionals on designing Learning Experiences 

How to prove the impact of your own Learning Experiences

The theory that underpins Learning Design and putting it to the test

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1. Learning Experience Design for Learning Experience Platforms
Available to watch on-demand
2. Proving the Impact of Your Learning Experiences
Available to watch on-demand
3. Mythbusters: Learning Design Theory Tested
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