The Learning Record Store Comes of Age – A Josh Bersin Report

Demystifying this important technology


The online learning industry has exploded with growth. Driven by the pandemic, organizations have dramatically expanded their online learning offerings, putting all forms of learning online and creating increased demand for new tools and technologies. But with multiple tools and platforms in play, how do we track the learning that is taking place, and most importantly, measure the impact it is having?

This is where the Learning Record Store (LRS) comes in – a detailed database that tracks digital activity, organizes it for rapid analysis and generates reports and actionable insights for future decision-making.

In this report, ‘The Learning Record Stores Comes of Age‘, that references Learning Pool’s LRS, Learning Locker, industry analyst, Josh Bersin delves into the technology behind the LRS, explaining concepts such as xAPI and how it works alongside an LMS or LXP.


Key sections of this report include:

  • The Learning Record Store Comes of Age: Demystifying This Important Technology
  • The Urgent Need: A Data Architecture for Learning
  • The Role of a Learning Record Store: A Place to Store Transaction and Activity Data
  • Lessons from the Frontlines
  • Bottom Line: The LRS Has Arrived Just in Time



*This report was originally published on Josh Bersin’s website in July 2021.

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