Transform Your Learners' Experience with Stream

Stream is simple 

Delivered as a ‘Netflix’ -style experience, Stream engages users from the first moment, becoming your organization’s ‘front page’ for personal development. Available pre-loaded with content that you can edit for your audience, Stream is ready to go. 

Stream is smart 

We automatically surface quality recommendations to help your learners take action on their most important needs. Our clever bot, ‘Flo’, searches your learning content directly and delivers answers back to your learners ‘where they’re at’, integrating with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Workplace. 

Stream is social 

You can use Stream to bring existing learning programs to life, incorporating social elements that promote a culture of peer-to-peer learning. We have a range of unique reporting tools that allow you to visualise where change is really taking place across the organisation.


Key Features

  • One-click interface gives instant access to learning experiences across your systems
  • Consumer-grade search helps find the learning you need when you need it
  • Workflow channel integration delivered as plug and play
  • Social and gamification tools of engagement
  • High-quality data analytics via integrated Learning Record Store and advanced ‘social intelligence’
  • Integrates with Adapt Builder for content authoring
  • Available with ‘Future Skills’ content to future-proof your business
  • Ready to launch, Stream is quick to deploy and easy to integrate into your ecosystem

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