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Stream LXP is our most comprehensive learning suite, used by global companies to develop exceptional employees with remarkable efficiency

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Delivering a modern learning experience for world-leading organizations

The source of workflow learning

Everything you need in one suite

Stream is a complete learning suite. We’ve brought together best-in-class components for everything you need to deliver learning at scale.

The best classroom you’ll never sit in

Built by learning professionals, our platform can flex around any learning delivery requirement and is a proven digital replacement for the classroom.

Innovation as standard

Our technology is based on leading open standards that make life simple for everyone – learners, managers and administrators.

A suite of integrated learning components

The future of workplace learning in one box


Using LXP features like advanced search, recommendations and deep integrations, Stream is your ‘front-door’ to learning


With a simple, smart interface, Stream learners are never more than a click away from the right learning experience, using any device


Stream can be configured for all learning management needs, compliance, onboarding, leadership, skill development and more


Stream’s approach to cohort-based learning is deeper than forums. Our social, gamified method makes learners ‘lean in’ and really engage in the material – Read case study


Stream can adapt the learning experiences it recommends, using the right skills at the right level for every learner, measuring the gaps and helping to close them


Your platform is only as good as the content it serves. Stream ships with fully customizable learning content, including our exclusive ‘Future Skills’ Library – Find out more


Create and publish simple and effective xAPI content quickly with Rapids, direct from Stream LXP – Find out more


Nudge, personalize, and manage learning effectively. Use learning techniques like spaced practice to maximize retention and recall – Find out more


Comprehensive data from our integrated Learning Record Store gives you the insight you need to make better business decisions – Find out more

Stream goes deep

Which capabilities do you need?
Feature / Function
Learning Discovery
Learning Management
Collaborative Learning
Skills Framework
Advanced Analytics
Workflow Learning
eLearning Authoring
Learning Campaigns
Future Skills Content

What makes Stream different from other Learning Experience Platforms?

Unique features for you to explore and exploit


Stream personalizes the on-demand learning experience. Every user experience is personal, relevant and unique

Powered by people

Stream is backed up by Learning Pool’s award-winning customer service, including first line support for your learners by email and on the phone

Fully integrated

Everything works brilliantly together, For example, content developed in our authoring tool can be deep searched through our bot and tracked via xAPI


We are the only platform to promote learning experiences beyond content. Whether it’s mentoring, hosting a webinar or buddying up, Stream can help

Deep search

Use search to find content from within eLearning and common documents; Stream automatically transforms your content into performance support materials


You choose how much autonomy is appropriate for your audience. Using Stream you can plan, monitor and control learning experiences as well as any LMS

Workflow ready

Our bot can surface important learning events and deep search capabilities directly into your learners workflow, using MS Teams, Slack and more

Actionable insights

We provide unique insights to improve collaborative learning using Natural Language Processing techniques and the latest AI

Content services

We are the only provider with off-the-shelf editable content, curated third party content and custom content services under one roof

Stream LXP – your source of workflow learning

What our Customers Say

“A great deal of thought has been put into the content and technology behind and they are proving very popular with teachers, including our most recent course on growth mindset. This win underlines TES Institute’s position as a real innovator in all areas of teacher training.”

Rob Grimshaw

Learning Pool has been a tremendous partner for the PLAY Project. They have helped us hand in hand to set up our Stream platform, and to help us setup up our courses for the most effective use of Stream as an LMS. Learning Pool learned about PLAY Project’s mission to help children with autism and has provided support, flexibility and resources for us to reach this mission more effectively. We can’t say enough about their work and their support for The PLAY Project!

Onna Soloman
The Play Project

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Delivering a modern learning experience for world-leading organizations