What Actually Needs to Change?

Part 1 of the Challenging Trends Series

Our beloved Learning Technology industry is undergoing a sea-change, with new products, new buzzwords and new techniques creeping into every digital learning press-release and blog.

We want to ask “why?” and we want to ask you, the learning professionals. Join two of our next-generation learning team as we discuss how the industry trends align with the needs that we have experienced. Lend us your ear and your opinions on what you would change if you could and hear our real customer inputs on what they believe actually needs to change.

At the end of this hour-long session you will:

understand how Learning Pool and our customer community perceive the driving forces behind industry trends

have the chance to share your own thoughts and questions about how the latest trends could really apply to you

learn whether other organisations are facing the same learning challenges that you might be

find out which industry buzzwords are the ones you might want to listen out for

begin to develop an understanding of the practical ways that industry trends could help you.

Challenging Trends will be a three-part webinar series from Learning Pool, exploring the real-world needs for innovation and the practical ways that it can be applied by your team. As our title suggests, we plan to challenge some of the trends that we hear so much about. What do they really mean? How can you prepare for them and when will they be of use to you?

We welcome every perspective on these topics, from beginners to gurus. Whatever your level of knowledge about trends in this industry, the webinars in this series will explore real-world, practical innovation that is applicable to everyone.

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The presenters

Part 1 of the Challenging Trends Series line up

Lindsey Coode
Product & Technical Development
Lindsey has over 20 years experience of designing and managing successful learning tech projects. After starting her L&D life in the defence industry, Lindsey joined Learning Pool over ten years ago.
Matt Watts
Product & Technical Development
Matt Watts started his L&D career writing courses but soon discovered that his interest in tinkering with new technology could turn into a full-time role. He’s spent the last year immersed in the world of chatbots...