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What’s New in Sparks?

Through the new Learning Locker® app, Sparks, we aim to iterate quickly based on usage data, roadmap requirements and user feedback. Throughout January we rolled out a couple of enhancements including a new feedback loop, additional persona building options and a dedicated analytics dashboard.

Feedback Loop

This is a welcome addition to Sparks. While we look at engagement metrics through xAPI, as well as data points like email opens and clicks, nothing beats just asking people their opinion. This is what the Feedback Loop does.

It’s a simple mechanism to let recipients of Sparks nudges indicate whether or not they found the nudge useful. We then take this data and merge it with other engagement metrics to help paint a picture of what is working and what could be improved for learners.

Additional Persona Builder Options

During our pilots last year, there was one option to generate learner personas; progress vs the cohort. While this worked well, it’s not suitable for all use cases so we created a couple of new options.

Milestones allow you to set given criteria to be achieved by a specific date. Next, you set personas that are assigned based on whether or not folks complete the criteria, exceed it or slip behind. Setting multiple milestones creates a fluid environment which is constantly updating depending on where someone is in relation to the current milestone.

Example: You might want to set some targets for Q1 – members of the sales team that exceed those targets are assigned a persona “sales: ahead” – those that hit the expectation will have a persona “sales: on track” and those missing their targets could have the persona “sales: falling behind”. As these personas are assigned to people, this will inform the nudges/messaging/actions to carry out for each individual.

Sentiment Analysis looks at learners’ contributions in discussion forums and passes the comments through an NLP engine then assigns a persona based on the results. Typically people assign three personas via this method: trending positive, neutral, trending negative.

We are continually adding methods to help build out dynamic personas as use cases arise.

Analytics Dashboard

This is a central space to view analytics from across your experiences and events – it was a popular request from pilot users! Instead of having to visit each experience/event in order to view analytics – this new addition creates a much-improved user experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sparks app get in touch to speak with one of our Learning Locker® experts.

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