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comply with me, comply, comply away…

Compliance learning will be a pack of 17 Adapt modules that offer a high end, premium learning experience for subscribers.

It’s not the first compliance pack available on the market, but there are three main reasons why compliance learning stands out from the rest.

1. gamification

Compliance learning will be the first such catalogue to incorporate aspects of gamification. Our experience tells us that well designed learning games lead to a better learning experience.

Compliance training from Learning Pool uses game based thinking, mechanics and aesthetics to engage and motivate learners, to grab attention and increase knowledge retention.

2. ready to use, fully editable and mobile friendly

As with all Learning Pool catalogues, the content will be ready to use, directly off the shelf but is also fully editable and customisable.
Because the modules are created in Adapt, they are also fully web responsive and can be used on every device.

3. accreditation

The third big selling point is around accreditation with the core seven modules in the pack recommended by the Institute of Leadership and Management – ILM.

Each of the core titles is mapped to ILM standards, at either level 2 or level 3, and gives learners the foundation to integrate into a fully accredited programme.

Although it may seem that compliance content is old news, never have we seen the triple whammy of an accrediting body, immersive game design AND editability, all in one offering.TRY OUR FREE DEMO MODULEThe 17 titles in Compliance Learning are relevant to every organisation, whether public or private sector.

  • Diversity in the Workplace – ILM endorsed content
  • Working with Customers Legally – ILM endorsed content
  • Understanding Security Measures in the Workplace – ILM endorsed content
  • Workplace Records and Information Management – ILM endorsed content
  • Understanding Workplace Information Systems – ILM endorsed content
  • Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace – ILM endorsed content
  • Understanding Health and Safety in the Workplace – ILM endorsed content
  • Freedom of Information
  • Cyber Security
  • Safeguarding Young People
  • Whistleblowing
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Competition Law
  • Fraud Awareness
  • General Data Protection Regulation  – GDPR
  • Doing the Right Thing by Your Customers

TRY OUR FREE DEMO MODULEEach title in the new catalogue will work as a standalone module, with its own unique graphical and instructional approach informed by an overarching narrative or mission for the learner to complete.

The overall suite will still retain a coherent brand and each module be identifiable as part of the overall pack.

Making ordinarily dry topics such as data protection or information security engaging is no small task.

Each module has been thought out and storyboarded by our learning designers and graphic artists. Creating highest possible learning experience, matched with an exceptional aesthetic quality.

Compliance learning will perform strongly when it comes to levels of interactivity and creativity. Featuring animation and video with feature character based case studies to root the learning in the real world and help contextualise what learners need to do to meet the objectives of the topic.

All titles have an assessment,  enabling organisations to set a pass mark and report on user results and prove that they have met the compliance criteria on a given topic.

As well as the investment in learning design and graphics, all of the modules will be underpinned by the cutting edge technology provided by Learning Pool’s Adapt Builder.

We’ve developed ten new features and pieces of functionality for Adapt – specifically with the Compliance Catalogue in mind.

So when will you be able to get your hands on these seven(teen) wonders of the e-learning world?

Batch 1, which will comprise seven titles and will come with ILM Recommended status, will be available in late September. This will be followed by four more titles by late October.

The final batch of six titles will then follow before Christmas, 2017.


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