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Our content library includes hundreds of lessons on today’s most urgent and valued business topics, all while offering unrivaled flexibility to edit the content consistent with your organization’s preferences.

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Establish credibility with learners

Widely accredited, content is authored and regularly reviewed by leading subject matter experts to ensure it remains accurate, reliable and relevant.

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Offer engaging experiences

Our content library leverages rich design, a variety of learning formats, and intuitive navigation to ensure learners stay in a learning state of mind.


Ensure easy access

Multi-language support – as well as compliance with the latest accessibility standards – means everyone can benefit.

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Our content library includes an authoring tool that can be used to tailor all aspects of the material. You can use it to create original content as well.


Deploy content on-demand with no software to install. When new lessons are available, they can be downloaded, configured, and released immediately.


Accessible on any modern device and supportive of both SCORM and xAPI, our content seamlessly integrates into any learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Learning Pool’s Library Content accredited?

As well as our content being researched, written and reviewed by our network of Subject Matter Specialists, we also work with a variety of independent accrediting bodies to ensure that our content is accurate and relevant. Accreditation from such bodies signifies that our content meets or exceeds established standards and criteria, and it demonstrates our commitment to excellence in those particular fields. Only when our content has been reviewed and assessed by the relevant body, will a seal of endorsement be granted.

Current accreditations:

  • CPD
  • Institute of Fire Engineers
  • Institute for Hospitality
  • Skills for Care

Learning Pool have also been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s framework. Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2020/21, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.04bn – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Is Learning Pool’s Library Content accessible?

We want everyone who uses the Learning Pool’s Library Content to find the experience informative and rewarding. In support of this vision, we strive to make them as accessible as possible to users, whatever their level of ability. To do this, we adhere to a number of learning design principles that ensures our content is inclusive, diverse, accessible and responsive to your needs. The principles and checks we put in place ensures that the content we create is inclusive and representative, is accessible to a neurodiverse audience and meets AA Standards of the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines, all whilst being responsive on laptop, tablet and mobile so our learners can complete their learning in the office, at home or on the go.

Is Learning Pool’s Library Content customizable?

For the most part, yes! Our Learning Pool Library Content includes access to our authoring tool that can be used to change the content and theme of the course. Our OTS programs are designed to be built out on Learning Pool Platform and contains resources from a variety of e-learning tools – the structure, theme and some of the content can be tailored to your needs. Our adaptive content is customizable as a professional service – both in content and theme, and our partner content is not customizable.

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