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Waves email designer

Create beautifully branded email campaigns with Learning Pool Automation

Introducing the new Email Designer within Learning Pool Automation. You can now create beautiful emails, branded to suit the topic and tailored to your audience.

In the elearning world, we find ourselves working with and across many different sectors and industries.

Something that remains consistent is that we’re all working on different things that we want to shout about. For instance, welcoming a new colleague, an upcoming sales opportunity, or simply news you want to share about the organization.

I think we can all agree that a great way (if not the best way) of communicating is via email. The delivery of an email is almost instantaneous. For example, email allows us to quickly respond to customers, colleagues and friends. We can send newsletters or information to a wide range of contacts. And in business terms, email communication is widely used for quicker problem solving, both internally and externally.

Readers often scan long emails for key points and abandon them if they appear too dense. However, emails that have been creatively designed, catch the eye of the reader and keep them engaged.

Waves email designer can help

With the new Email Designer, Campaign Managers can create beautifully designed newsletters, promotional emails and even emails to highlight team or individual achievements.

You can apply an email design at a global level within Learning Pool Automation that will feature on all emails leaving the platform. In the same way, you can apply it to a specific email from your chosen campaign, workflow, or even at the email level itself.

With the easy-to-use interface, Campaign Managers can create and assign their email templates within minutes. Email design has never been easier.

Find out more about Learning Pool Automation

Learning Pool customers can log in to the Academy to watch a demo video on the Email Designer to see just how easy it is to design your own emails in Waves.

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