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Effortless animation and impressive interactivity with Learning Pool Authoring

Our development team have been busy this month, adding two brand new components providing you with even more interactions to challenge and impress your learners.

Learning Pool Authoring just keeps on growing and our development team have been busy this month, adding two brand new components providing you with even more interactions to challenge and impress your learners.

The first of these components is our long-awaited Hidden Hotspots question component.

This allows you to present your users with an image, and ask them to find items or issues.

The user must then click on the image to try and determine where the hidden hotspots are. Once they have selected the maximum number of hotspots they can submit their answer to see if they are correct.

This could work really well in Health and Safety courses, for example, allowing users to spot hazards. In fact, the example we have used is based on content from our Health and Safety in the Workplace module.

You can see this example in the Understanding Authoring Components module or by viewing the demonstration on the Learning Pool Academy. Just two weeks after we released Hidden Hotspots we launched our latest presentation component; Flipcard.

Flipcard allows you to present your users with an image or images that they can click on to reveal further text.

The real beauty of Flipcard is the effortless animation it adds to your modules.

It’s such a simple component but really powerful visually. As always, a demonstration and user guide to support this component has been added to the Learning Pool Academy which you can access here.

We have also updated our main Learning Pool Authoring User Guide to reflect these new components and you can also find this on the Academy. As well as these two new components we have also been working on a few tweaks behind the scenes to improve the performance of Learning Pool Authoring.

We’ve updated our Salsa theme to include the ability to add an exit button to the navigation section of your course or hide your home button. The Exit Course Button and Home Button Visibility can be found in the theme customisation section of your module.

We will also be adding these functions to our Base and Relish themes in the coming weeks. Coming soon. Our Roadmap for Learning Pool Authoring is packed with a lot of interesting new features and updates. One of the next big releases will be an update to the Hot Graphic component.

This will have an improved user interface allowing you to drop and move your pins on the main image, doing away with manually entering the coordinates for the pin icons. This will make the configuration of the Hot Graphic a much easier process.

It will also include the ability to use graphics as pins, this functionality will not require a main image and will instead display the item graphics on screen for a user to click on to see the pop-up text.

We are also developing a Menu-level locking option on project settings that will give you the option to lock pages. Features include locking a page until the previous page has been completed or locking only the final page.

For example, if you have an assessment at the end of your module then you can lock that page until a user has completed all of the other pages.

Documentation and demonstrations will be added to the Academy once these are ready.

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