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How to Theme a Learning Pool Authoring Course

The growth in the use of smartphones, laptops and tablets means that we now need to deliver engaging, flexible and responsive e-learning solutions that work across multiple devices seamlessly.

In the second in the series of three online Learning Pool Authoring Masterclasses, we guide you through how to theme your authoring course with Learning Pool Authoring.

You can view the first webinar ‘Creating an Adapt Course’ here.

View the webinar recording

Watch as Instructional Designer Kevin Doherty explores and demonstrates various theme customisation settings and what they do within Adapt Builder:

Access the presentation

As a founding partner in the Authoring Learning collaboration project, we’re the first to have made a dynamic catalogue of content available to our customers putting them right in the responsive learning hotseat. Check out what interactive components are available when it comes to building and theming the content:

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If you’d like to further discuss any element of what was covered in this webinar, either pop through your details via our contact page or give us a call on 0207 101.

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