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Is off-the-shelf content the right fit for your business?

Here at Learning Pool, we work with the very best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create content that is relevant, up-to-date, engaging and of a high standard. With hundreds of off-the-shelf elearning modules created for a variety of topics – health and safety, foundation skills and the future of work, to name a few – our content can be utilized across multiple industries and for a lower total cost of ownership. 

We offer both off-the-shelf elearning catalogs as well as a bespoke content development service. Whilst both have their benefits, the plug and play aspect of ready-made modules makes them a popular choice for many organizations. Particularly, for those that have a digital learning platform implemented already or those with time and budget constraints. 

Like with anything though, too much choice can become confusing so if you’re unsure which approach to take (off-the-shelf vs bespoke) see below for some of the benefits associated with our off-the-shelf content offering, as well as Learning Pool’s approach. 


Let me paint a picture. You’ve identified a training need and a target audience and you now have a requirement to deliver the training via online learning. You could hire a group of SMEs to author the content from scratch.  You might employ a graphic designer to achieve an overall engaging effect for the benefit of the learner. But the cost of this all mounts up. 

If you don’t have a specific need for a custom solution and need something a bit more generic, off-the-shelf content can be a much more cost-effective choice. We’ve done the hard graft of keeping our content relevant and up-to-date, as well as employing immersive qualities, such as gamification, to make it more desirable for the learner, so that you don’t have to. 


Across a number of scenarios, the need to deploy learning quickly is a necessity. Compliance and regulatory topics could be a burning issue for your organization. It then becomes vital to provide staff with effective training to ensure they remain safe, compliant and up-to-date. Investing in your workforce to develop future leaders could be key to your businesses success. Therefore, enabling employees to develop their skills from day one is fundamental. Perhaps continuous professional development (CPD) is a crucial part of your company’s values. This comes with a need to provide a variety of learning content for colleagues across all areas of the business. 

Whatever your training needs, purchasing off-the-shelf content enables organizations to distribute training, both rapidly and efficiently, to the required audience. 

Fully editable

Our elearning catalogs are fully editable and off-the-shelf content customers have access to our award-winning content authoring tool, Adapt. This enables organizations to add in their own branding and guidelines to achieve a more personal experience. This could be as simple as including your own logo and imagery or updating the text to read “colleagues” instead of “employees” to align the learning with how you communicate with your team. 

But that’s not all. Access to Learning Pool Authoring also means businesses can tailor content to a specific audience or training need. So whilst the content will fundamentally be the same, it can look and feel different for frontline leaders and senior leadership teams to ensure you get the most from your off-the-shelf offering. 

Better learner retention

Fundamentally, when learners are engaged they better retain the information laid out to them. When it feels like it’s written for every learner, the content speaks to them and allows them to reflect more deeply on the stories it is telling and the lessons it is sharing. This means that not only are learners learning the right answer, but it is also driving measurable behavioral change. 

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