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Making the case for Custom Elearning Content

At Learning Pool, our expert team has built a rich, editable catalogue of ready-to-go content covering a range of core skills so that our customers can respond quickly to their team's training needs.

Using Adapt Builder, our authoring tool for creating innovative multi-device content, we’ve designed our courses to be easily customisable.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of the fact that each of our customers has specific, custom e-learning needs that no ready-made course, no matter how good, can fully address.

Why go custom?

Sometimes, though, even customisation just won’t cut it. Instead, a customer will come to us to create a new course, from scratch specifically for them. Of course there’s an upfront cost attached but, for the customer, the longer-term benefits of this bespoke approach more than match this.

So, what are those benefits? Well, here are seven of the common drivers we hear from our bespoke customers.


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