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Learning Technologies 2023

OLX – Learn xAPI #


xAPI represents a small step and a giant leap for learning-kind. In many cases, the small step will modernise how organizations go about storing, sorting and sharing learning data built up around online courses. The giant leap will enable more personalized learning experiences, allow us to measure ROI and make learning all about performance, not completion.

Join this OLX to explore both the technical realities and the strategic possibilities of the xAPI. If you want to write your first xAPI statement and understand the difference between an Activity Type and a Context Extension, this is the place to be.

Equally, if neither of these things mean a darn thing, we are the community that will help you make sense out of your data strategy, and your roadmap for the medium term. This OLX will be open to contribution and allow you to explore the content and conversations that best fit your needs.

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