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Why the recognition of skill gaps is so important

Skills are the currency at work. According to the Association for Talent Development, 67% of the companies that started actively looking for skill gaps prefer developing the missing skills internally rather than hiring externally. But how can managers get a clear overview of the skills and gaps in their team in order to systematically develop employees?

We provide managers with a powerful dashboard for spotting skill preferences and skill gaps of employees. Based on the development needs our solution suggests learning recommendations on how gaps can be closed  all with the help of AI. The Learning Pool skill management solution also enables managers to identify internal talents by actively searching for specific skill combinations – another reason to look into our solution.

How to meet the need for emerging skills in organizations

Improved employment prospects, new skill requirements and changing employee expectations are leading to new demands. New talent strategies are needed to close the skills gaps that have emerged.

Mix of different strategies

The different approaches are to be used flexibly in order to be able to respond to needs as quickly and situationally as possible.

Gartner refers to eleven different talent strategies that HR managers can consider. These talent strategies can be combined to close skills gaps. Some of the talent strategies are:

  • Upskill: Improvement of existing skills
  • Reskill: Developing new skills to move from a declining skill to a more in-demand one
  • Automate/Enhance: Developing or purchasing technology to deliver skills
  • Redeploy: Transferring existing employees with needed skills to new roles or teams

We at Learning Pool have developed a multilingual and comprehensive re-skilling and upskilling platform where the different strategies can be implemented in a situational and personalized way. We help employees, managers and HR identify and close existing skill gaps, on-the-job, off-the-job or through mentorship.

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