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The Uncomfortable Truth and Conversation

We have taken guidance and received vital support from The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, Learning Pool’s Black employees, and our racially diverse friends and family to create two brand-new modules on Equality and Diversity. Now available to all customers, these modules cover the truth behind racial inequality in society today and what we can do about it.

The learning is split into two modules:

The Uncomfortable Truth 

Part one aims to get you thinking about racial inequality and to understand the scale of the problem. During this module, we take you through some real-life scenarios, as our Black friends and family discuss their experiences with racism and how it makes them feel. We also look at the active steps you and your organization need to take to begin your anti-racist journey.

The Uncomfortable Conversation

The thought of talking about racial inequality is often scary and daunting, which can lead to people avoiding the subject, becoming defensive or making assumptions. Following on from part one, this module provides learners with a toolkit to help with starting and carrying out these uncomfortable conversations.  

In an interview between our CEO, Paul McElvaney and Paul Anderson-Walsh, co-founder of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, the pair discuss why this training is needed, how businesses can do more to foster inclusiveness and what organizations and individuals need to do to authentically become advocates for their Black colleagues. Watch now below. 

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This is a really well-thought-out training. Modules like this can sometimes come across as a bit generic, intended for those who are not so well versed in the topic of D&I. This one, however, is very engaging for anyone. The content is accurate, never too little or too much, and gives ample depth and food for thought. The format is very engaging through the use of various modes of bringing the message across: text to read, recorded speech, video fragments, tiles to click/slide for information, etc.

James Dowling, Associate Director, Leadership & Learning, Learning Technology, Baker & McKenzie LLP

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