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Working up a tree – Can creativity and productivity coexist?

The Death of E-learning – A Learning Pool Podcast

An irreverent look at what’s going on in the world of online learning. We cut through the bluster to get to the heart of what online learning should be – and what it shouldn’t.

There’ll be interviews, panel discussions, and much more, along with the recurring segment ‘The Death of E-learning’ where we ask our guests which element of L&D they’d throw out if they had the chance.

Released monthly, available from all good podcast providers. 



Episode 2: ‘Working up a tree – Can creativity and productivity coexist?’

A different format to the last, episode 2 is a lively panel discussion about the tension between creativity and productivity in our industry.

We want to be creative, but do we have the time?

You’ll hear from our creative experts about how they get stuff done while keeping things fresh for learners and challenging for themselves.

At the end, the panelists share the elements of L&D they’d be only too happy to do without, in our recurring segment ‘the death of e-learning’.

Also, biscuits.

Episode 02 participants

Luke Smith and Stefan Eger (hosts)

Ana Clara Burin, Saray Rodriguez, Xenia Gardel and Graeme Tait (panelists)







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