Maximize the impact of compliance, onboarding and certified learning you need to run your business with a feature-rich and future-proofed LMS

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Empower your learners, ensure compliance and measure results


Enjoy continuous innovation

Empower your learners with an evergreen learning management system built to align talent development with evolving organizational strategies, moving you towards a performance management culture.

Show a return on investment

Utilize personalized dashboards, custom reporting, completion tracking, and accessible visualizations to demonstrate the impact of your training. Leverage data from multiple sources to paint the fullest picture possible.

Make compliance simple

Keep your workforce on top of the latest standards and practices by providing them with the compliance training and learning they need when and where they need it. Report out on that compliance with the same ease.

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Streamline reporting

Personalised dashboards, custom reports and completion tracking. Easy data export for extended analysis

Blended learning

Blend, orchestrate and track face-to-face and elearning from a single intuitive platform

Responsive interface

Create a stellar user experience and access your learning management system on multiple devices through an intuitive interface

Learner engagement

Accurately track digital certifications, points, badges and leaderboards

Learning plans

Adaptive, personalised learning pathways based on job roles and associated competencies

Dynamic audiences

Organizational and positional hierarchies mean you can assign learning to specific groups

Make it your own

Apply your branding and easily manage screen layout, look, feel and functionality, including branded emails, which can be sent from your LMS

Key competencies

Enable curriculum planning, developmental needs analysis and organisational framework

Stellar performance

Align courses, competencies, appraisals, feedback, and performance reviews with company goals

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