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New product: AI Conversations

Breakthrough generative AI capability powered by OpenAI’s GPT4 with a collection designed for Managing Performance.

New lesson: Data Ethics

As part of Public Sector

New collection: Making an Impact: The Art of Customer Service

This brand new collection replaces our old Customer Service collection

New lesson: The Language of Insurance

As part of Financial Services: Insurance in Practice

Coming soon

New AI Conversations – Change Management

Following on from the success of our Managing Performance collection of AI Conversations, we’ll release 3 new conversations based around the topic of Change Management (with more topics planned further down the line).

New collection – Change Management: Change for Leaders

Companion piece to our Change Management: Embracing Change collection

New collection: Customer Service in the Public Sector

Covering all aspects of customer service oriented to a PS setting to be added to our Public Sector library

New collection: Project Management: The Project Lifecycle

The first of two new collections based around Project Management. This one focuses on all aspects of the project lifecycle and another collection will be focused on the human skills essential to being a project manager.

New collection: Getting Started in Your New Job

Based on our Induction and Onboarding OTS Program, this collection provides a number of lessons aimed at those starting a new job.

New collection: Project Management: Human Skills

This is the second collection which will replace our current Project Management offering that details the essential human/personal skills needed to be a successful project manager.

New collection: Communication and Collaboration

This new collection will replace our current Collaboration collection and take a fresh look at how we communicate and collaborate in the workplace, covering topics such as electronic communications, presentation skills, hybrid working, storytelling, questioning/listening, etc…

New lessons: Digital Literacy, DSEAR, and Hidden Disabilities

New lessons, details coming soon

New lesson: Solvency UK

Solvency UK is a set of regulatory requirements which has been developed to build on the EU regulations, called Solvency II, and tailor them for the UK insurance industry now that we have left the EU. As part of the Financial Services: Insurance in Practice collection.

New OTS Programs

Expertly tailored eLearning solutions that integrate bite-sized learning, video/audio content, and traditional eLearning methods with real-world application & social interaction, specifically designed to enhance the skills of your learners in a way that aligns with your organization’s objectives. Programs include Life Skills, Induction and Onboarding, and more.

New lesson: Infectious Diseases

Gain skills in understanding & recognizing signs and symptoms and learn valuable strategies in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace. As part of the Legal and Responsible collection.

New lessons: Autism Awareness Levels 1 and 2

These two new lessons will replace ‘Understanding Autism Tier 1’ and ‘Intermediate Knowledge and Skills for working with Autistic People’ with new, updated content and a fresh look and feel.

Introduction to First Aid

This series of three courses covers how to recognize and provide first aid interventions for common injuries and health emergencies, and what to do in case of a cardiac event, including how to administer CPR and use a defibrillator. As part of the Health and Safety Level 1 collection.

SME reviews and updates

For Safeguarding, Adult Social Care, Cyber Security, Health and Safety Level 1 and 2, and Food Safety


Collection updates

For Legal and Responsible, Sales and Negotiation, Digital Leadership, Health and Wellness, and Self Care

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