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CPD Requirements

A comprehensive system for tracking and managing industry-specific CPD requirements. Streamlines professional development activities and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

CPD: Structured & Unstructured Requirements

The ability to set Structured and Unstructured learning requirements when creating and assigning a CPD requirement.

CPD Requirements Learner Reporting

A new tab in the learners’ profile to display a list of any assigned requirements. Learners will also be able to easily view which completed Learning Experiences have earned them progress towards their requirement.

Self-registration Enhancement

This will enable admins to set up an “allow-list” of email domains that are allowed to self-register on the LXP.

Learning Experience Progress in My Team

Expand the Learning Experience view to show the status of individual objects within a Learning Experience in the My Team area.

Manager Approval

Manager Approval for Team Members’ Event Attendance functionality will provide a convenient and efficient way for team members to request approval for attending events. It will empowers managers to evaluate requests based on relevant criteria, will encourage open communication, and will ensure that team members can participate in valuable professional development opportunities with the necessary approvals in place.

Configurable Landing Page

This enhancement will allow administrators to designate a specific URL as the default landing page for all users upon logging in when the learner dashboard is not the right destination for the organisation.

Upcoming Events Preview

A dedicated preview on the LXP showcasing upcoming events that learners can sign up to.

Certificate Download Enhancements

An enhancement to the user profile page providing access to certificate downloads, offering increased accessibility for learners, managers, and administrators. Learners can conveniently download their certificates, reinforcing their achievements and promoting motivation. Meanwhile, managers and administrators can now access the same area to efficiently retrieve and manage certificates on behalf of learners, streamlining training administration and compliance tracking. This feature ensures a seamless experience for all users, empowering learners’ recognition, aiding managerial oversight, and simplifying administrative tasks.

Upgrade to Laravel 9

Performance improvement that brings enhanced security through the latest patches and safeguards, improved performance for faster application execution, and access to new features and functionalities that can enhance our development process and user experience. Staying up-to-date ensures our application remains reliable, efficient, and well-supported within the active community.

Upload Custom Profile Fields via CSV Import

The ability to upload custom profile field data for users via the user import CSV.

Coming soon

Custom Field Discover Filters

Learning Experience custom fields will soon be available as filters on both the public and default Discover pages. This enhancement will empower learners to easily refine their search results based on the custom fields Admins have defined for Learning Experiences, such as topic, location, language or any other relevant attributes. By surfacing these custom fields as intuitive filters, we’re enabling learners to quickly find content that best match their interests and needs, ultimately improving discoverability and fostering a more personalised learning experience.

AI Translation Tool

Designed to simplify the process of providing multi-language support on the platform. While the platform has always supported multiple languages, this new feature leverages AI technology to make it easier and more efficient for administrators to translate content accurately. Administrators can input text, such as learning experience titles, descriptions, and other platform elements, and select the desired target languages. Then generate translations and automatically format the content to ensure compatibility with the platform’s multi-language support. Eliminates the cumbersome and error-prone manual translation and formatting process, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality translations. Easily manage and expand the platform’s language offerings, making it more accessible to a global audience.

Learner Upload of Evidence for Tutor/Assessor Sign-off

Provide learners with the ability to upload evidence of learning / training that occurred off platform that requires sign-off by an assessor/tutor.

Completion Record Import

A clear and intuitive way for Admins with the correct permissions to seamlessly upload completions in bulk for Objects and Learning Experiences via a CSV file.

Enrolment Automation

A way for the LXP to track the ‘Enrolment Reasons’ for a learner being enrolled on a Learning Experience and then use this information to dynamically unenroll learners if there are no Enrolment Reasons remaining, provided the learner hasn’t completed the Learning Experience so as to keep completion records intact.

Public Discover

The public Discover page will allow non-registered users to browse and view publicly available learning experiences without having to log in or create an account. This opens up the discovery of your learning experiences to a wider audience.

Learning Experience Custom Fields

Custom Fields for Learning Experiences will allow Administrators to add additional information to their Learning Experiences for use elsewhere and gives a way to categorise content.


Group-based rules for compliance training

The ability to configure compliance settings based on groups rather than the learning experience.

xAPI Audit

Full audit of xAPI generated by LXP

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