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Unlocking the Power of xAPI

Unlocking the Power of xAPI with Learning Pool’s LMS

Our customers can now unlock the power of xAPI on their Learning Management System (LMS). You now have the ability to link your LMS to your Learning Locker (LRS) to truly make it part of your Learning ecosystem and if that wasn’t enough we’ve given you the capability to host your xAPI content on your Learning Pool LMS.

To achieve this we’ve added two new additions to our plugin product set, the xAPI Launch Activity and the xAPI Logstore.

xAPI Launch Activity

Adapt Builder gives you the ability to publish content in xAPI format and now with the addition of the xAPI launch activity on Learning Pool’s LMS you can host this content and capture all the granular detail that xAPI presents. The xAPI Launch Activity is added in the same way as any other activity on a course page so it’s really straightforward to use.

xAPI Logstore – What is the xAPI Logstore and how does it work?

The existing plugin was primarily designed and built to work with Moodle installations and as such the support for performance management functionality in the LMS did not exist. We have taken the current functionality and built upon this to allow support for Programs, Certifications and Seminars.

The plugin is made up of three parts, an Expander, a Translator, and an Emitter. Every log entry goes through each of these parts to produce the xAPI statements. These statements are then forwarded to our award winning LRS, Learning Locker, to allow you to produce bespoke and highly insightful dashboards.

Both the plugins are now available for use on the LMS. For more information on getting these enabled and configured get in touch with your Learning Consultant or contact [email protected].

About Learning Pool 

2019 was a landmark year for Learning Pool with highlights including increasing its client base by 30%, now serving more than 800 organizations and over 2 million learners worldwide, the launch of its new learning platform, and the acquisition of the award-winning Oxfordshire-based innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs.

We also won a vast array of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR Awards for our commitment to being a responsible business to the community.

Annual revenue growth increased by more than 26% last year and our acquisition of HT2 Labs saw staff numbers rise to over 200 colleagues across Derry, Nottingham, Oxford, Belfast, Glasgow, and Boston offices.

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