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Coronavirus content and more from Learning Pool

If recent times have taught us anything, it is that businesses and their employees need to be prepared to adapt quickly to rapidly changing working environments. This means having the right tools in place to help a seamless transition to remote working, both maintaining training and being able to upskill people in new roles quickly and effectively, given the real risk of being understaffed. In response to this, Learning Pool has pulled together a library of resources, courses and products, including Coronavirus-related content to help organizations disseminate the right information to their employees.

Coronavirus Course Essentials 

At Learning Pool, we know that support for all teams at this challenging time is essential. With that in mind, we’ve put together the Coronavirus Course Essentials library, addressing the impact of the current pandemic, to help maintain team and individual performance, delivering results through digital learning. 

The Coronavirus Course Essentials library consists of the following modules: CoronaVirus, Remote Working, Remote Working for Managers, Display Screen Equipment, Healthy Lifestyles, Conference Call Etiquette, Email Stress, and Mental Health Awareness. 

Available for free for a 90-day period, this engaging content can be deployed rapidly to fit any LMS, LXP or website, helping you to overcome challenges happening right now for maximum effectiveness. 

Find out more here.

Editable Content & Free Modules 

As the Government introduces new measures to help stop the spread of the virus, organizations must consider all eventualities and be prepared to train individuals in different roles should departments suffer from understaffing. 

We’ve worked with the best subject matter experts to create hundreds of editable workplace learning modules that adapt to any device. From Compliance, Foundation Skills and Leadership Skills, to Public Sector, Social Care and Financial Services, we’re confident there is something for everyone. 

All catalogues are easily editable within Learning Pool’s award-winning Learning Pool Authoring, giving you the flexibility to add in your own branding or make edits for content that looks and feels like it’s been handcrafted just for you. 

And the best bit? Many of these modules are also available for free. More information here

Stream LXP 

Offices may be closing, although day-to-day duties and responsibilities are continuing as normal. We’re passionate that the same should be said for all training and development opportunities within your organization. 

Now, those face-to-face seminars might have been cancelled for the time being but that doesn’t mean your staff can’t remain up-to-date with their training schedule. With Learning Pool’s Stream LXP, your learning can be transformed digitally in no time. 

Smart, simple and social, Stream LXP brings learning into the daily workflow, giving learner’s access to great content that they can quickly and easily use to help them perform better in their current role. 

So whether you need a hand with the seamless onboarding process of new employees, or you’re looking to invest in the professional development of your workforce with the help of AI and personalized learning, Stream LXP could be the answer you’ve been searching for. 

Learn more about Stream LXP’s capabilities now

Keeping your learning social when we all need to keep our distance

‘Rapidly Put Your Learning Online’ is the latest Open Learning Experience from Learning Pool. Previously, our OLXs have been a real triumph with the social interaction capabilities of Stream LXP enabling participants to interact and share knowledge with their peers. 

As many organizations convert their classroom training to online learning, we’ve decided to share our experience of over a decade with practical advice for quickly adapting content to an online format in this latest OLX. 

The course opens on Monday 6th April and all the content will be instantly available. Enrol now.

Learning Pool Live Online 

With our colleagues, customers, partners, and friends’ interests in mind, we recently made the decision to move our last few Learning Pool Live Local events online. While we’re sad we won’t get a chance to see you all in person, we’re positive we’ve assembled a great alternative with a pretty unique live stream event with lots of supporting material and content being delivered in near real-time through our LXP, Stream. 

Join us live on the day and hear from e-learning guru Donald Clark as he looks at whether this could be a watershed moment for e-learning. Chief Product Officer Ben Betts talks trends, and like all of our events you can hear from our Learning Consultant team with hands-on tips and demos to get the most from your LMS, LXP, LRS or catalogue of content with our popular masterclass series.

Sign up for the live event now

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks as we prepare to bring you even more online content than ever before, with a series of OLXs, webinars and videos. 

If you have any questions around the resources and products available from us, get in touch at [email protected].

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